A. geniculata?
Recently bought this T from a keeper in the local area, they didn't know what it was and I assumed A. Genic from the pics. Thought I'd ask for more opinions.
One of my favorite tarantulas! Awesome feeding response from these Ts. Mine even pounces the water dish when I attempt to change it out.
Yes, genic....set it up in a proper enclosure...exo terras with front doors are not appropriate for terrestrials.
@cold blood
Why aren't exoterras appropriate? I have kept my L. Parahybana in one for nearly 2 years now and never had any problems with it (although that may be down to the fact that it made a giant burrow and refused to come out unless for water (at least, I never saw it)).

P.S, It is a genuine question. I'm here to learn and use all the knowledge you guys/ gals have :)
Too much vertical space. A large terrestrial should not have more than 1.5x it’s legspan in vertical height. Anything more is an injury risk. It is very difficult to add sufficient substrate to achieve this in a front opening enclosure.
@Tyler Scott I would also interject that just because something has worked previously doesn’t mean it’s optimal, or even satisfactory. Learning is not merely identifying what you’re doing wrong, it is even more so identifying what you could do better.
@FrDoc @Olan
I have my other terrestrials in RUBs or the deep plastic enclosures with the grilled lids, both with the substrate a couple inches deep (so distance between substrate and lid is no more than 2x leg span at the most). Its just the two bigger ones that are in the exoterras, but I see what is being said. I believe that a trip to the shops is in order then :)
Ill save the exoterras for my soon to grow arboreal and lizard collection and then lol.
Thanks for your advice guys, much appreciated.

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