A. Geniculata?
This was sold to me as a Nhandu Chromatus when it was a 1/2 inch sling. Now that it is larger I’m fairly certain it is an A. Geniculata. Can anyone confirm?
Was the carapace always dark or is that something that just happened after the last molt? Mature male N. chromatus have a dark carapace similar to A. genics. Although that doesn't really look like a MM. I thought there was also a difference between the leg striping or white markings on the two species, but I don't have both species to compare them
I’ve 2 T that was sold to me as a N. Chromatus

And now both are huge beautiful A. geniculata:rofl:

Yours looks like a. Genic too
@PidderPeets The carapace has always been dark. I bought two at the same time and the one appears to have a lighter carapace than the one pictured. It's not an adult, not even close. It has about a 2 inch leg span at the moment, possibly 2.5 inch. It eats like a machine though and that got me thinking it may not be a Chromatus lol.
@Alex Bezzina Then my vote is also on A. genic. All of my N. chromatus have had the white carapace by at least 2 inches, if not a little smaller. It may suck not getting what you expected, but I personally think you lucked out by getting one of each
@PidderPeets Yeah I was looking to get an A. Genic as well but noticed that the one pictured doesn't really look like a Chromatus so I figured I'd ask lol. Definitely lucked out. A. Genics are fantastic.

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