A. Geniculata sorry for the bad angle
@Arachnophoric thank you for the info,he's so small he still barely has adult coloration so i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for him to somehow turn out female :rofl:
@Arachnophoric Mine has the knee coloration but his black colors are really muted and the carapace is a brownish gray instead of being velvet black like yours
Interesting. Mine is also fresh out of a molt too, and yours looks like it really needs to with that badonkadonk. :rofl:
@Arachnophoric hmm can't really tell because it's eating like a machine then again it is an a. genic so i wouldn't be surprised if it ate right up until it flips over :rofl:
Upon further inspection the abdomen is very pale so i think it's far from a molt actually. I think the breeder just fed it well and i'm dealing with a very early juvenile. Will post a pic of it's molt to make sure of the gender when it happens tho :D

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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