A.geniculata 2 diff kinds side by side
Both are 3/4"
Left is regular a.geniculata and the right is supposed to be the brocklehursti morph.
I wanted to show the two next to each other incase someone needs a reference photo about what kind of a.geniculata they got. People sell these both as a.geniculata wide band/narrow band.
I'm sorry but I don't see that much of a difference, certainly not enough to tell these two species apart at this size. ;)
The only difference I see is that the left one is freshly moulted, the right one, on the other hand, is way further along in its moult cycle. I bet if you wait until the left one is as far in its moult cycle as the other one they will look identical. ;)
Maybe they will look different when they're adults, but not at this size.
When I first got mine, it looked just like the one on the left... now it looks like the one on the right. In only one moult.

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