A.Genic sling
It won't be in that home too long.

P.S. Be careful of those ventilation holes. It may be just camera angle, but it appears to me to be really close as to whether or not your sling could get its carapace through.
@FrDoc I’ll keep checking, they didn’t seem to big when I first put the T in as it walked around the enclosure. The picture does look close tho, can’t tell rite now because *she’s* been in her hide since. I have a fresh deli cup on hand just in case. Thanks
Very awesome.Can I add a thought.I see you are using a monopoly piece?,as your waterdish.Maybe not.Not sure what it is.But you might want to bury it,in the substrate so your sling can access it easier.This setup looks good,just make it a little easier for your sling to access the water.FWIW.

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