A. avicularia
Been trying to practice my central sexing but this one's giving me a hard time. Leaning male because there's no noticeable "slit" more just a lighter colored patch where the carapace joins the abdomen.
@spodermin sorry. I know it wasn't the best picture, but it was the only chance I had to get a pic of "Pinky's" undercarriage. It was in a very awkward corner of the container. I tried my best, but thanks for the comment. That's exciting!
Hahaha absolutely not. I actually took a video so I had a constant flash on and while capturing the video I moved it in all sorts of directions and angles. I then went through the video and took a screenshot of, what I thought, was the most not awful picture lol. It's the best way I found out to control lighting and glare. Otherwise I take 50 pictures and none come out decent. Thanks again for your help. This was/is the FIRST Tarantula I ever owned. I'm glad that if it's a female I'll have her for awhile. It's always nice to hang on to your first.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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