A. Avicularia my sweetest T ever.
I just felt that she needed some love and her picture taken. Everyone who comes over wants to see my OW’s and more colorful species. These guys are truly special though.
This one was given to me because it was male and they didn’t want it, but he is a she after all. Score!

I did ask if they wanted her back but they said since she has been in my care for so long that she she should remain with me. If I pair her though, they want 5 slings. Done deal.
Avicularia avicularia are so awesome I bought 2. My Y. diversipes on the other hand is so insane I'll probably never own another one.
@s0n1cs3v3n Y. diverspies are so pretty though. After my H. Maculata, everything seems calm. Instead of getting more Avicularias or Brachypelmas, I am raising two S. calceatums instead...
@Drea i think I may have acquired the most insane Y. Diversipes ever. Lol, I swear if that T even thinks you're looking at it, it will start running laps around the terrarium.
@spodermin Skitzy was so calm and then those juvenile years hit and she became a demon. Fangs up, legs running out of the enclosure. Skitzy is short for the Schizophrenic. I am really excited about how these S. Calceatums turn out. My guess the devils children.

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