A. Avicularia molt
It's tricky (for me at least) because of how blurry the picture is. What size is it? If there's two half-circle shapes like in this picture, it's a female. Keep in mind that if it's a smaller specimen, they might not be as pronounced and they also won't be as dark as in my picture. If it's smooth or has two very small nubs instead (they would likely only be noticed on a larger specimen), it's likely male
@PidderPeets I can not figure out how to upload it on to this comment. Thanks for being so kind and helpful. Also it looks like something is protuding out of the flap but I'm not sure.
@MadMack2723 you can either upload the picture directly onto this post by using the camera icon in the text bar (that brings up all the media you've ever posted on here), or by attaching the link to the picture on here like I did earlier by using the icon that looks like a chain link and pasting the link you want to attach onto the pop up that shows up afterwards. But I was able to see the second picture you posted, so it's not necessary.

Based on the second photo, I'm leaning towards female. It does look like there's at least one spermathecae, which is probably the dark protruding thing you're seeing on the flap. The other one (Avics have two half-circle shapes instead of the big "flap" you see on many other species) might have torn off on the molt, be folded so it's not visible, or it might be right there but I'm just not seeing it. But males would never have a large protrusion like what I think I'm seeing, so it would have to be female if I'm seeing right
Awesome, thank you Soo much! I was thinking female as well but am not very experienced in the matter. It may have came off from the molt as you just said, it was in the enclosure a few days before I was able to remove it. I also think it may be female because I have it for almost a year and this is the first molt in my care, also it didn't put on any size as I can tell. I don't see any hooks or bulbs either so I'm hoping it is indeed female. Thank you again!

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