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A. avicularia beautiful blue shiny feet

A. avicularia beautiful blue shiny feet

For some reason she’s been ripping down her webbing and staying more out... anybody have the same behavior from their Avics?
Mine is similar. She webs it up molts and then never adds more webbing. The old webbing wears out and rips and eventually when it is molting time she will get to work and rebuild it up.
@Dman ok thanks! Looks really shabby... think it’s ok if I remove some of the dirty ripped up web?
@Helga it won't hurt anything if you mess with the web. You can just leave it alone since anything you do to the web is for your own preference. The T does not care.
Sometimes they tear up their webbing, but she may settle in better if you fill the top half of the enclosure with fake foliage. They use this for cover and as anchor points for webbing.
@Ungoliant thanks for the tip but I don’t use plastic plants in my terrarium but I might try to find some hardy plants for her but she’s always been a good eater and calm the way she is now. Just weird with the webbing. First avicularia I’ve had as well. The only arboreal I’ve had before her is p. irminia.

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