Male or female? Or too soon?
It looks male to me. Don't take my word for it, though. I really suck at ventral sexing. I'm just going based on the fact that it appears to have an epiandors fusillae, which would confirm it as male.


Here's a confirmed Gramostola pulchripes male for reference.
@Zymotic See, the shape throws me off. It's rather flat-line shaped like a male, but it also looks like it could have a lip to it like a female. It's not the clearest picture.
There is another picture I posted before this of the same T. But it’s probably not any better than this one lol
@miss moxie
I hear ya! I wish they had a little penis so it would be easier to tell. :p

The other picture might be more telling for some people. I don't know, I'm still new at ventral sexing, but even that picture looks male to me. And I could be totally wrong. Your best bet is to wait for a molt and sex it that way.
This is tricky and interesting... I will have to give my s'lings another look. Does anyone know around what DLS/Age that the epiandors fusillae would appear?

as for this one, I can't tell if it is epiandors fusillae @Zymotic is looking at or some kind of problem with the photo/reflection in lens as it is a little blurry.

After further inspection, there is a smaller, light line above the big line and under that dot. (On the abdomen) So I would also agree that your tarantula is male.

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