8 inch Pockie on the loose
Em guys, I have a 8 inch pockie on the loose in my rest room. I put her original enclosure and water dish in there so she might to in there because it is more humid. I also placed 3 hides in there as well so she might stay in there when she ventures out at night. Are there other suggestions?
I also blocked all the small cracks and stuff so she is not able to exit my rest room. I put flour in front of the hides so I know where she went and I also put some plastic bags on the ground so I could hear her if she steps on one of those.
I mean are you certain she is in there? Check all areas in the bathroom, even the ones that don’t seem likely. Seem to recall someone losing one and she wound up behind a baseboard, that was seemingly too small. Other than that, it might just be a waiting game and hope she wanders about.
@lostbrane I even know where exactly she is hiding, I can even see her. She is hiding in a small crack on the wall, but it is just a little too deep for any of my tools to get it. I just fed her before she escaped and she never take another food item when she is eating another one, so I can’t lure her out since she is still eating.
@T fan Could you tape some straws together or something to make a longer tool? I’ve never had an escapee so I don’t have any great advice, but it seems like you’d want to prod her out asap while you still know where she is. Best of luck!
@T fan Well that’s a plus. I’d try an elongated tool like WolfSoon mentioned but the only
problem is she might get to somewhere you can’t reach, etc. Her eating recently doesn’t help much either. Although you can always try spider fishing (some sort of string tied around a superworm) and dragging her out. Might have to wait until she goes after prey again. Best of luck!
Thanks guys I already got her! I found her at the entrance of the crack so I just poked her out into my catch cup and put her back into her enclosure. But I still need to thank you all, hope none of your Ts will ever escape
Guys I still have a question and that is: in the process of getting her into the catch cup she bolted and got a lot of flour that I use to track her movements on her month and fangs. I just wonder if it’s ok for tarantulas to eat some flour since she might accidentally eat it when she is drinking,

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