Been having a hard time with this one no one seems to know what she is...found her in a pet store labeled as a G. Rosea but never seen one that looked like her.....so does anyone have a clue what she is or could be?
@Exoskeleton Invertebrates Is it normal for them to be so light? Generally they usually remind me more of porteri, but with lighter front legs (there's probably more I am missing), but i haven't ever seen a t looking like this....such light coloring. Stunning.
Mine looks similar and has been heavily tagged as Sp. North as well. Mine has been in premolt for over 2 months so I cannot wait to post freshly molted pics. Mine also has the habit of being skittish and retreating upwards and out of the enclosure rapidly.
@cold blood I totally agree, humans are just a bundle of stupid twigs on a tree. Everything else is at the roots holding everything together. Take one of those roots away and it ruins the whole system of the tree. That's what humans do, destroy everything. They take things for their benefits, not thinking of nature and the world they take away with it. People should just leave their spiders in the cage. Another thing I don't get is why humans own places and animals. They aren't yours, they are either living or part of the earth. Humans are the most terrible thing to happen to this world.
@TarantulaTeenLover the reason she was being held was the crappy way they had her in the pets store with fish rocks and fish decor she was tucked way in the back of the bottom of the fish decor i had to pick it up to coax her out of it so i could properly house her and throw the fish crap away

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