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4" Female Brachypelma Vagans

4" Female Brachypelma Vagans
TheHolyToast, Jan 22, 2010
    • TheHolyToast
      I'm just posting this as a reference for others. To me ventrally it looked Male, but I have confirmed it to be 100% Female.
    • willychon
      do you have a pic of spermatecae?? because it loos male for sure
    • TheHolyToast
      I don't have a pic of the spermathacae, but I confirmed her 100% female with the last two molts. This is the only B. vagans I have, so I couldn't have accidently mixed it up with a male. Also this is not the first time, I had a T that looks male ventrally, that is actually a female.
      I will take a pic of her spermathcae next time she molts.
    • thevez2
      Are you sure you saw the spermathecae and not the male accessory organs, which are roughly spermathecae shaped and rather large in B. vagans?
    • toxic667
      yeah that sure looks like a male to me..
    • J.huff23
      Thats not female at all. Thats all male.
    • TheHolyToast
      My bad I was fooled by it's large male accessory organs, he hooked out the next molt after this pic.
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    Jan 22, 2010
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