4" Female Brachypelma Vagans

4" Female Brachypelma Vagans

I'm just posting this as a reference for others. To me ventrally it looked Male, but I have confirmed it to be 100% Female.
willychon said:
do you have a pic of spermatecae?? because it loos male for sure
I don't have a pic of the spermathacae, but I confirmed her 100% female with the last two molts. This is the only B. vagans I have, so I couldn't have accidently mixed it up with a male. Also this is not the first time, I had a T that looks male ventrally, that is actually a female.
I will take a pic of her spermathcae next time she molts.
Are you sure you saw the spermathecae and not the male accessory organs, which are roughly spermathecae shaped and rather large in B. vagans?

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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