4" e. cyanognathus ?male?

4" e. cyanognathus ?male?

I'm very inexperienced at sexing but i seem to see two very clear bumps that say male...
Its female :) The size of the T would have told ya female but its good to have a moult just in case oh and how do you get a clean moult from them ?! my shreds "hers"
Not convinced,

I see no uterus externus. and the spermathecae are not joined at the base..

I did see that link and .. am wondering if that site is not mistaken as well..

PLEASE Keep us informed if it hooks out :)
This T will not hook out as its female.
As already stated-males dont have spermathecae.

Mushito-You have 100% garranteed female!

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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