4" B. Hamorii Male or Female?
Pic sent from seller. According to him, the molt is too mangled up to open so had to rely on underside.. not the best picture either but what do you think?
That moult is in perfect condition. If you can see that much from the outside, then you can see just as much on the inside. All that has to be done is a bit of water applied.
Having said that, they look to be male to me.
I think that seller is fully aware of the fact (or at least suspects) that it is a male and just don't want to give it away. Because as @Vanessa already said, that moult is perfectly fine and should be sexed quite easily at that size. I'd be cautious buying that T unless you are fine with getting a male. Just don't pay too much. ;)
@kerplunk I am 100% with @Thekla on this - I think the seller knows exactly what he's doing... unless he is brand new to the hobby and this is the only spider he has ever had.
If don't want to end up with a male, then I would walk away from this one.
@Vanessa and @Thekla: Just a final thought, considering that it is pretty much a vent sex at this point, do you think an attempt at checking for the epiandrous fusillae would help at this point? Will it even be visible with a B. Hamorii of this size at 4"? I'm worried since Brachypelma are black underneath it can be really tricky to find.
@kerplunk Regardless, ventral sexing should never be taken as the final word, because it is just not reliable - especially in this case where you can’t even see it properly.
The seller needs to find someone to do this properly and open up that exuvia if they can’t do it themselves.
If they refuse, I would walk away.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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