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4" A. Seemani
Looks male, but it's stripes and blue hues are very colorful imo for a male, so ?
There is no visual difference between males and females of this species until the male matures - that is the only time that he is going to look different to a female.
Contrast, vividness, is dependent on when they last moulted more than any other factor.
This looks like a male to me, but the only guaranteed way of sexing is with a moult. At that size, there is a chance that he will mature with his next moult.
Ah okay, thank you, that makes sense, and is a bit sad lol. He's super fat and vivid right now, has been since I brought him home, but the pics I've seen of these as MM's look so faded, almost all black. I'll be sad to see those stripes go.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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Google Pixel 3
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4.4 mm
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On, fired
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Tue, 10 September 2019 9:25 PM
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