4.5" Female Brachypelma emilia [ventral sexing] [1/3]

4.5" Female Brachypelma emilia [ventral sexing] [1/3]

Molt-confirmed female (see comments below for exuviae)
Looks Female to me, but i can't for sure. B. emilia's are one of the hardest IMO to vent sex (harder than the LP, IMO). The reason is because the first set of book lungs are far apart like a female for both males and females for this species. I know that I have seen some some males before that don't have that noticeable patch for this species, which makes it hard/tricky. But i'll guess female for this one.
@Liquifin I only paid $150, so I got a good deal either way, but I'm really hoping it's female so I can enjoy this beautiful display spider for many years to come.
That looks weird for a female... it generally looks weird. Epiandrous fusially are actually not easy to see in Brachys. The easiest thing is to look sideways - with female Brachys at that size the part above the epigastric furrow must be raised.

Do you by any chance have a pic from a little further away that would give a better overview over the general shape of the area? I won't make any clear decision from this, but I'm tending toward female.
@boina I accidentally saved over the zoomed out pics, but I can take more. (She is easy to work with.) Which angle(s) would be most helpful?

It does look like a pronounced ridge above the furrow, which is part of what made me think she was female when I bought her on Saturday.
@Ungoliant Straight on, but a little further away - or exactly from the side... I don't want to get my auratum or boehmei out as an example - they kick, and the schroederi is so black you won't see a thing...
Ok, I went and took out my male boehmei and several of my females, and my confirmed female albiceps looks a bit like that - well a bit, but I'm more and more sure this is a female.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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