4 1/2 inch geniculata sex?

4 1/2 inch geniculata sex?

Here is a third picture of the Craigslist geniculata molt. Seems to be a difference of opinion regarding sex. What do you think? If male, what are the little tubules? If female, why is there not more of a fold present in such a large juvenile?
That's a male - 100% - see the field of epiandrous fusillae? Those little nubs are male accessory organs. At 4.5" spermathecae of A. geniculata would be blindingly obvious with the naked eye.
Yes, I'm afraid I'm with you on this. That was my initial assumption. Others saw the little tubules and assumed that they were female sex organs, however they are simply too small. I believe those who thought it was female did not realize how large this juvenile molt is.
@Dovey Your assumption is also my assumption. This is 100% male. If you told me this picture was of a 1.5" genic., then I would argue female, but not at 4.5". At 4.5" a female would have a flap with two antenna looking protrusions and the whole thing would be shaped like this: :robot: (See the pic. I liked on your other picture and you will see the big difference).

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