3" Psalmopoeus cambridgei [ventral sexing]

3" Psalmopoeus cambridgei [ventral sexing]

Psalmopoeus cambridgei 3 inches
It looks like it's in heavy premolt, at that size spermathecae should be pretty obvious in the exuvia. I'd check that for a positive ID, this picture is a little blurry but i'm leaning female.
@Arachnophoric it was hard to get her in a good position sorry about that and she definitely could be in premolt but never seems to stop eating has already molted twice in my two months of having her
@kingles024 you can tell from how black and shiny her abdomen is - that's definitely a premolt booty. Sometimes Ts will still eat when in premolt. And 2 molts on 2 months is a Psalmo for ya, darn things grow like weeds lol.

Just snag that molt from her when she's done with it to confirm the sex, sometimes even seemingly obvious ventrals can be wrong.
jeez you're telling me big t booties are my favorite kind xD and my p.irminia is the same got as a sling and is already like 3.5 inches it's crazy to me

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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