3” A. Avic enclosure
Eldritch Preacher

3” A. Avic enclosure

I would like to know how my enclosure looks and get any advice I can on improving it as this is my first T after years of research and wanting one. I know the enclosure is much too large for her but I don’t have the funds to perform multiple rehoused or a single one for that matter sadly.
I have used a similar setup for my Versicolor. I've seen some keepers suggest gluing a water dish up higher however, mine has had no issues with finding hers. I think you'll find different things you want to improve as time goes on and you observe how the T explores/uses the space. EDIT: I guess the one thing I am weary about is the plant attached by suction cup. I have the exact same ones in my enclosures and my T will try to climb them. Sometimes that suction gives out and the plant falls. Make sure you keep an eye on it.
I would put some more plants around the cork bark. That's what she really wants to be in/on and it might encourage her to use it if it isn't so open and bare.
You need to give them a bit of time to settle in as well.
@VanessaS the bark is Plastic sadly, I bought it thinking it was proper bark but I’ll try adding stuff around it. She enjoys being up front against the glass too

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