2" Stromatopelma calceatum [ventral sexing] [2/2]
slightly closer shot s calceatum
Looking female. It's easier to tell with head-on images though, side images can be deceptive.

Also helps to include a rough estimate of the T's size in diagonal leg span (DLS) since that effects how obvious it may or may not be.
@Arachnophoric you are very correct my friend she kept movies as soon as she had light on her most the other t's don't seem to have a tremendous problem with light but this one probably because it likes to burrow does not fancy a lit environment thank you for your sexing guesses
@kingles024 S. calceatum and their close cousin H. maculata are incredibly photosensitive and tend to hide from light. My male S. cal and H. mac slings bolt for cover, while my big female S. cal almost never comes out of her den.

Literally the first time I got to see her out this year. :rofl:

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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