2 and a half year old Brachypelma albopilosum raised freebie

2 and a half year old Brachypelma albopilosum raised freebie

Got this little one as a freebie as a 1/4" sling from TarantulaCanada, loved seeing how furry it's gotten as well as it's voracious appetite! Despite all the extravagantly colourful species I've kept, there is something incredibly endearing about how simply furry and fun this species is to raise!
@Paul1126 I wondered about that, he/she is currently 3 inches and molted 3 weeks ago which made it go from looking a generic brown sling to this like mini-adult in appearance. Do you know how old they are by the time they hit sexual maturity? I'm not sure if this is a female or male!
@Ciri My youngest female, Sage, was a 1/4" freebie from TarCan a few years back. She went from 1/4" to 3" in about 18 months, and most of that time she was fed one cricket per week, so that growth isn't that surprising.
My biggest girl is over 6", and about six years old, so they are still growing a bit even at the larger sizes. Females hit sexual maturity around 4.5-5" on average.
@VanessaS Wow, that's beautiful at 6"! You know even though they are freebies, these species end up being phenomenal things to watch grow up, and I can only imagine myself beaming with pride when the day comes they grow that large :)

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