1.0.0 Pandinus imperator
miss moxie

1.0.0 Pandinus imperator

@Moakmeister I don't know about any sexual dimorphism they have like that, I just know you can tell from their pectines. They're very similar to sexing Heterometrus.

The top picture is a male's pectines, it is larger in comparison with their body and has a shorter space between the 'wings' so to speak. The bottom picture is a female's pectines, they are smaller with a wider space between the 'wings.' Those are both of Heterometrus petersii.
@Moakmeister Well, not all scorpions can be sexed by pectine shape/size/teeth count. But as for any other sexual dimorphism between Pandinus males vs females, I really don't know. @Galapoheros would know that answer. I know my Centruroides gracilis can be sexed by their tail segments. Female tail segments are a bit shorter, more stout. Males are longer, more slender.

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