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0.1 Psalmopoeus irminia
Beautiful. I am always suprised at how some of the best looking t's can be some of cheapest to buy. Mine just molted recently. Pictures are great but seeing them in person is another matter
I have 3. My favorite genus that I own. I think the pcam is my favorite but my irminia is hard to beat when i see him/her
I've got 6 of them, the only genus I currently keep more species from is Brachypelma, irminia and pulcher are my favourites, my first cambridgei was probably my least favourite tarantula ever but everyone insist that he was an oddball so I caved and got another.
Well, i have irminia, cam, and pulcher. Enjoy all those three. Cam thought it was an arboreal a genic. Always out in the open chasing crickets. Wouldn't hide even when disturbed. My pulchur is still a sling but attavks crickets like the cam. The irminia seems to wait in ambush mode most the time. I honestly think that it is the most beautiful genus in my opinion. I also like phormictopus for terrestrials
I love my cam (a mature female). I'm looking forward to seeing my irminia (a juvenile male) grow into some attitude.
I have a P. cambridgei but I think the P. irminia is next. Yours makes me jealous.

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