0.1 Phlogius sp. "Black Presley"

0.1 Phlogius sp. "Black Presley"

About a 4.25" female. Judging by her spermatheca, she's not sexually mature yet.
Another way of saying female. The numbers are a way of saying how many of each sex you have. So I have 2.1.3 Lasiodora klugi, meaning I have 2 males, 1 female, and 3 unsexed individuals.
Thanks! She's looking good! Getting chunky now. Not as black as pictures of what would be her grandfather or great grandfather though, the original "Presley" the species is named for. I guess it comes on each moult. I'm debating whether to buy a few slings or a larger juvie. It's hard to decide when ordering sight unseen.
@EulersK you might be right, but then atm I have all slings, 18 of them, it would be nice to have something big enough to put into one of the display tanks I have. I know I'm just being impatient though. I put $115 in his bank today , he has a special on Selenotypus 'sp. 2' slings , 6 for $50, so it leaves $50 after postage for the 'black(s)'. Slings start at about $25ea usually, so it'll be a larger juvie or 2 slings, I just have to decide! If he doesn't get the blacks at all I'll just get another 6 'sp. 2' , I already have 6, the plan is to grow them and sell them on to buy more tarantulas and Scorpions. That's what started me keeping tarantulas, they were advertised with scorpions and I thought at less than $10 each I'd have to make a profit eventually , but now I'm hooked! Lol
@Dave Jay I've adopted the mentality that more is better, so slings it is. I've got all the time in the world to let them grow. The only thing that I'd worry about as a relatively new hobbyist is losing slings from poor husbandry.

@Death Derp It's just so much work :arghh:
I'm totally new to tarantulas, but I've grown sick of tiny baby scorpions and pinhead crickets, which I have to order a week in advance, and then they die because of lack of ventilation. No one ,tarantula or scorp will take 'cricket drumsticks' or mealworm segments.
Maybe I'll get back to setting up a maggot farm. It would be very easy to collect some wrigglers and tumblers and hatch out mosquitos though, from my own ponds.

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