0.1 Lampropelma Nigerrimum
Aurora rocking her new suit. This was about as far out of her cork tube as I could coax her.
Nice. I also agt a sling that turned out to be male, he'll be mature next molt. So i got another sling, that turns out to be female
WOW! Mine is still a young sling (about 6-7cm) and i'm only seeing a bit of purple, i cant wait till she is this big even though she is absolutely terrifying, she is so vicious and so small. Is your one really aggressive or just skittish?
I am pretty well maxed out with T's given space limitations, and really don't have any new ones for which I have a burning desire. However, if I see a sub-adult female of this species I will lay down the cash. I have always thought they are stupendous. Your girl just validates my opinion.
@FitzzSimmons Plus point, I don't worry about her bolting, rehousing is a chore though because she'll just stand and fight, I swapped out her cork slab for a cork tube and when putting her back it took me half an hour to get her from the catch bottle I use into her enclosure.
@The Grym Reaper Are You serious XD i mean yours is a giant so that makes sense but i feel like i might have the some troubles in the future. When i first got here it took me 15mins to convince her to come out. Every time i would gently nudge her with a paint brush - instead of just moving forward away from the brush like most T's she would turn around to see who was bothering her and if she could kill it.
@FitzzSimmons Yeah, she's about 5" or so. She just turns round, throws up threat postures and slaps the straw. The male is a bit easier to work with as he actually moves when prodded.

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