0.1 H. sp. “Colombia” large
@VanessaS i haven’t seen this species’ spermathecae at all. is this considered a mature female? she is 2.5” now after molting
@ccTroi I can't tell. All I can really see is the uterus externus, and the reflection coming off it, and not the spermathecae itself. Try getting a shot of the spermathecae from the other side of the flap. My female was mature at 2.5".
@ccTroi The uterus externus is always transparent and doesn't change colour. It gets bigger, but is always transparent. The spermathecae sclerotizes, which involves darkening and changing shape in many cases.
You need to get a better shot that shows the colour/shape of the spermathecae. This is my female at 2.5", does your girl look the same?
@VanessaS i threw the molt away last night :-(. i was shocked that my specimen's "thing" was dark. there was a flap no doubt.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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