0.1 C. marshalli
Buest guess is 4.5-5” DLS but the molt cam out in tiny pieces, so it is 100% speculation. LOL

I got pretty lucky finding the piece i needed. :)
@Arachnophoric Yep. Just for reference by myself and others. Also, unless i have a lot of personal experience with a species i try to avoid using what could be subjective methods to confirm sex. Small horn and large horn, etc. can be easy to mess up when you don’t know how big is big or how amall is small. honestly i figured she was an AF when i got her based on size alone this just 100% confirms for me.
@Theneil Gotcha. And I personally do find this incredibly helpful since it gives me an idea on what to look for when trying to sex my own specimen, so uploads like this are much appreciated. :)

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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