0.1 Atrax Robustus
My new Sydney Funnelweb, Apocalypse. These make some of the best display spiders once they web up everything in a 10cm radius of the burrow
@Beggottenson something I'm not planning on doing lol

All my ones are females, which are 6x less toxic than males and I don't believe have ever caused serious envenomations to date (last time I checked). The males are the ones that are nasty since they often wander into homes during summer and can survive for hours underwater.
Awesome, but scary. If these were available in the US I'm not sure I would want one. Doubtful anti-venom could be found here.
@Nightstalker47 Hadronyche and Atrax on a whole are not particularly large, these are about 35mm fangs to spinnerets once mature. However, there have recently been males with a whopping 100mm DLS found in some areas of Sydney, nearly 50mm fangs to spinnerets.
@SonsofArachne I can understand where you're coming from, but trust me these have pretty overrated care. I'm lucky to ever see my 2 little ones outside their holes, and they are horrendous at climbing smooth surfaces. The only risk is when transferring, they can be lighting fast so I make sure to do it in a larger tub where escapes can be easily managed.
As for antivenom, in all honesty I think it'd be great if it could start being manufactured overseas. We don't have enough areas making in it Australia and in my eyes the more groups are milking them for venom the better (it takes 70 milkings for 1 vial of antivenom)
Absolutely beautiful! I loved reading about these as a kid. Funnel Webs were the species that sparked my interest in spiders, and inverts as a whole, for that matter.
@Teds ts and Inverts yea they are arguably one of the most iconic species in the world these ones, but theres still plenty we don't know about them. I've always had the dream of keeping them and teaching people about them

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