0.1 2" Homoeomma orellanai (mature?)
She tore up her molt a bit but I managed to get this picture.
Does her spermatheca looked sclerotized/fully developed?
My Homoeomma chilensis had more developed spermathecae, both of them, and neither gave me an egg sac after pairing. If that helps.
Yeah, her spermatheca don't look dark enough or developed enough to me but I just thought I would see what others thought.
Thank you for your input.
Can you tell how big your chilensis females were when you breed them?
Great picture. Those definitely look more developed.
I hope your females produce eggsacks for you in the future. This is such a great species and should be more readily available.
@CitizensOfTheWomb I think if I am going to get it to work, I will have to buy an incubator. I can't provide the cool down that they seem to require to get a successful egg sac. I will likely need it for the Bonnetina sp. Chamela as well, so it might be a good investment. I have a bit of time, since neither of those species males are mature.
@CitizensOfTheWomb I've been looking on Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist) for used ExoTerra incubators. They are going for about $150cdn. That is almost half of what they are new, when you factor in taxes. When I think of the return if any of those species are successful, because of it, it is worth it.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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