0.1 1.5" Hadronyche Cerberea
Absolute stunner of a Southern Tree Funnelweb, smashing crickets right after a rehouse. My first arboreal and final planned true spider
@Chris LXXIX haha can't deny that. To be fair though, to me they are far more fascinating than they are venomous, each with subtle differences in shape, silk texture and burrow structure. Hopefully this last one will be interesting for me :)
@animaliaadvocate216 haha yea probably launch through the roof lol. These are only bad when they envenomate obviously, so as long as you are sensible and well aware of their potency you run a pretty low risk of an accident. These things are much less deadly than their northern cousin, H.Formidabilis, the deadliest spider in the world
Beauty of a spider! Funnelwebs are a bit scary to catch in the field let alone keep in captivity. As you mentioned, been aware of the spiders bite along with experience makes it less scary. Enjoy!
@BCspiderman7 I field caught a H.Macq. the other day. A single tap on a tripline had it fully out the burrow in seconds. Unfortunately it managed to retreat and I had to dig it up. Hadronyche never give you a dull moment

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