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yet another puzzling G rosea position.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by toxic667, Apr 18, 2010.

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    sorry for all the questions, but this one has me truely stumped. i like to make fun of my g rosea for her "spider yoga:D" because shes always in a different position when i see her. Today though, i was alarmed at how she was sitting. 3 or 4 of her legs were curled under her and her fangs were sticking out funny. when i acidentially knocked into the cage with the camera lens, she sat back in a normal stance and i threw in a cricket for her cuz it was feeding day. This is how she looked:


    also i have a question about my new n. chormatus, shes hardly ever moving and when i do see her, shes on the glass of the tank. She just moved in a less than a week ago, the substrate is still moist, but i put dry on top, and i had her eating 2 days ago, i threw in a cricket today and i dont see where it went. I cant open the cage because she is right near the top and one of her feet is actually touching the top and i dont wanna scare her and have her fall or hurt her, what should i do?

    thanks guys :D
  2. G. rosea -- She's cleaning herself, perfectly normal.

    EDIT: here's how I can tell (so you can differentiate between death curl/grooming):
    - her fangs are stuck way out, I don't know if you've seen Ts groom before, but what they do is pull their legs through their fangs...the first time I saw this with our late MM P. fasciata I thought he was eating his legs, it looks very much like that's what they're doing
    - not all of her legs are curled, just the three, which means those are the three she's currently working on. She has her other legs on the ground to hold herself up

    N. chromatus -- Sometimes when rehousing our Ts they will climb for weeks before finally settling down. Just make sure there isn't enough room for her to hurt herself due to a fall. A small slip may be okay, but if there's enough space for it to be a significant fall, then that could cause damage. As far as getting her to go down, you could lightly, IME this causes the T to kind of turn around and walk down as it doesn't startle them as much as poking them would.

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  3. dopamine

    dopamine Arachnobaron Active Member

    Legs curled up underneath isn't usually a good sign. Check her water she might be a little dehydrated.
    *EDIT* Mack & cass had a good point, she's prob just cleaning her fangs:)
  4. IME? and my first reaction to the position my rosea was in was it was kinda cute lol. it looked like she was smiling :D

    she is moving (my N. Chromatus), i will wake up and she will be on the other side of the cage. But she will stay there allll day and make me worried, she almost looks pre molt to me.
  5. IME = In my experience

    I think that if you worry about her falling, then there isn't enough substrate in her enclosure. Our MM B. albopilosum falls all the time because he climbs the lid of his enclosure (which is plastic with some holes drilled in it). I'm not worried about him hurting himself though because there's only about ~3" of space for him to climb, and he's ~5", so he can't really climb that much. So, when he falls, he has time to put some legs down to catch himself, but not so much space that the impact will affect him. Do you have a picture of how you currently have her set up?

  6. i just added more substate yesterday, im not so worried as falling and getting hurt, more of scaring my little girl and getting a face full of hairs or something.

    i just wondered if my tarantulas are okay, ive been worrying like crazy since i lost my avic avic last week.
  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Arachnoknight

    ^Exactly this
  8. thanks guys, ive never seen any of my ts do this before, but my rosea seems to be a contortionist sometimes XD
  9. belledelanuit

    belledelanuit Arachnopeon

    My Chilean Rose does the same thing. I think she is simply cleaning her fangs or her legs. Can't blame her for wanting to be clean and pretty. LOL! And my girl is somewhere between 13 and 16 years old and she still does it.
  10. sugarsandz

    sugarsandz Arachnosquire

    The first time I saw my rosea doing this I thought she was dying since she hadn't eaten in two months but after a littler research and trying not to worry everything was fine. I think some rosea move so slowly and just chill for long periods of time it appears they are injured or sick when really they are just taking their sweet time. I love my rosea because her fasting and overall unpredictable nature make me more relaxed with my other t. I think I'll get another G. rosea next, maybe a sling!
  11. Hydrazine

    Hydrazine Arachnobaron

    How bout getting a G.pulchra instead? I've got a pulchra sling something over two centimeters DLS, it's so elegant, even if it doesn't have the stunning velvet black coat of adults.
  12. Storm76

    Storm76 Arachnoemperor

    All of my Avics are seemingly continously grooming. I swear, whenever I look at them, at least a couple is grooming that time :D
  13. Just grooming. My rosie does that.
  14. Hydrazine

    Hydrazine Arachnobaron

    My A.versi sling actually scared the crap out of me first time it started grooming - at least till I got a closer look, at first glance it kinda looked like death curl.
  15. sugarsandz

    sugarsandz Arachnosquire

    I almost got a G. pulchra for my birthday but I went for a B. smithi instead. I want to get one for one of my next ts. shhhh my husband thinks I'm done with tarantulas at the two I have. lol I am so not done, I'm just waiting and getting used to my newest edition!
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  16. Alltheworld601

    Alltheworld601 Arachnoangel

    You're NEVER done with tarantulas. That's just silly. Psh.

    I love it when they groom! Ive seen all of mine (except the tiny slings that are fairly new to me) do it at some point. The coolest is my E. uatuman sling. He's almost never NOT grooming. After ever meal, every time he builds onto his burrow, etc etc. He/She is a TOTAL neat freak. :D
  17. Hydrazine

    Hydrazine Arachnobaron

    My versi seems to be a neat freak about itself, cleaning after every little webbing (s)he does, or even just after a walk, but a messy, filthy pig about everything else in its jar!