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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by Surgedtwice, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Surgedtwice

    Surgedtwice Arachnopeon

    Good communication and easy to work with. Package was nicely done, with heat pad and Styrofoam box.
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  2. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    A week ago Travis went out of his way for me, he told me about a local seller that was selling his collection online. So once I saw the ad I asked Travis if he could purchase the spiders for me since Travis lives a few blocks away from the seller. I gave Travis the list of spiders that I wanted so Travis went and purchased the spiders for me. Travis mentioned in a few days he would drop of the spiders to me.
    Once Travis came to my place I purchased the spider from him. I'm glad he trusted me with me paying him back since he used his own funds to purchase the spiders from the seller. Also Travis gave me a free mature male Avicularia Avicularia! Travis thank you for your time and efforts!

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  3. misslanie29

    misslanie29 Arachnopeon

    I bought a pair of Ts from Travis. His communication was very good. His packaging was also very good. The spiders I bought where just as described and he gave me a killer deal. Thank you very much I would for sure buy from Travis again with no worries.
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  4. Hellion299

    Hellion299 Arachnosquire


    Travis was fantastic to do business with!!!!! I can not believe he does not already have a review thread with 100 positive reviews by now!!!!! Do not be fooled people, Travis is a solid individual to buy/sell/trade with!!!!!! We just completed a trade and Travis' specimens arrived super healthy and happy!!!!! His communication is top-notch and he is just an all around nice guy. Do not hesitate to do business with him!!!!!! I look forward to many successful trades in the future Travis, Thanks again!!!!!

    Frank IV
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  5. MrBoom619

    MrBoom619 Arachnoddicted

    Positive!!!! A+++

    Made a purchase with Travis and he was awesome to work with! Communication was awesome and he is a cool guy to chop it up with. He shipped as promised, packing was perfect, and I received 2 healthy T's in excellent shape and on time! You'd be a fool to pass up any opportunity to work with Travis! I look forward to our next transaction!

    Thanks again, Travis!

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  6. Great transaction

    :biggrin:It is my pleasure to add to this thread for Yentlequible (Travis) after an awesome, trouble-free experience purchasing a MM GBB and a SA male L. sp. Borneo Black. Travis was quick to respond and quick to communicate necessary information. Can't ask for more than that. He was friendly and polite, and we didn't have to go through endless back-and-forth pm's to handle this transaction smoothly. Packaging was professional. I received two very healthy and active Ts in well-chosen containers padded with abundant moist toweling to protect from the expected shipping bumps. Thank you Travis for an excellent experience and 2 healthy Ts. I'm looking forward to further transactions with you in the future. I recommend Travis highly to anyone interested in T exchanges here on AB. -Steve
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  7. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon



    I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Communication was fast and pleasant! I got a great deal on a beautiful tarantula!!! I also got probably one of the best freebies ever! :) I would highly recommend Travis and would love to do business again in the future! Packaging was also some of the best packaging I've ever seen! Thanks again for everything. :)
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  8. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon

    Yentlequible - Travis


    I highly recommend Travis to anyone. Great communication, quick shipping, excellent packaging, and the most beautiful healthy Ts you could ask for, AND at a great price! Travis is always more than fair and every transaction has been smooth. I would love to have the pleasure of doing business again in the future!! Thanks again for everything!!! Definitely an asset to the hobby!!

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  9. CEC

    CEC Arachnoangel Active Member


    Great communication, packaging, and a healthy T.

    I would definitely do business with Travis again and I recommend him to anyone.

    Thanks bud!
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  10. tweakz

    tweakz Arachnosquire


    Paid on saturday, shipped on Tuesday, arrived on Wednesday. Packing was perfect and my P. Irminia female arrived healthy and active with the heat pack still warm. First time buy through the classifieds and it couldn't have gone smoother. Highly recommended.
  11. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon

    Positive as usual!!!

    Another wonderful experience working with Travis. I sent him the money ahead of time and he picked up the T for me. Trustworthy, communication is always awesome, and packing was perfect. The T arrived safe and healthy! Can't wait to do more business! :)

    I purchased a breeding pair of Pamphobeteus ultramarinus.

    Communication was excellent, I maintained contact with Travis through FB messaging.

    Travis was very accommodating -- changing the shipping method to something I preferred, helping me with questions about PayPal (which I hadn't used in years, lol), and even refunded a bit of the shipping cost.

    The packaging was excellent!! Styrofoam box inside shipping box, tightly packed with peanuts, and heat pack. Each spider was expertly packed with tons of padding, and very easy to unpack! All came out safe and lively.

    He even gave me a Homoeomma sp. "blue" juvie male as a freebie!

    Transaction was perfect, could not have been better.
    Would recommend, and definitely do business with again!
  13. Spam010

    Spam010 Arachnosquire

    Positive! Communication was excellent because the tarantula I wanted had the measurements wrong and he let me know. I ended up buying a different T and he refunded me the extra money plus the left over money from shipping. My T was very lively and well. I would do business with him again and recommend him to anyone.
  14. 100% POSITIVE!

    I recently purchased a MM A. Moderatum from Travis and everything went on smoothly. Communication is top-notch so as his packing and quality of his T. Im very much impress with him and ill definitely recommend him to other hobbyists!
  15. A+++++

    I made a purchase from Travis. My T came in on record time, & was very well packed. No complaints here, as this was certainly one of the smoothest transaction I've had in a very long while. Will certainly do business again. Cheers!!
  16. Positive! I just purchased a Euathlus sp. "Red" and I could not be happier! Great communication, flawless packaging, and a very healthy tarantula. :)
  17. Overdue post!


    Shipping was great, & communication was superb. I had special shipping request via FedEx & Yentlequible was able to meet every single check point in accordance to getting my beautiful adult female metallica out to me. I'm coming back for more business soon!

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  18. misslanie29

    misslanie29 Arachnopeon

    I just got my little T from travis. It was delayed by a day but he packed it very very well, and it got to me in perfect condition. I never worry when getting something from Travis, he is very honest and is always on top of communication. If you ever want to get something from him, do it! he is great. thank you very much travis.
  19. Nich

    Nich Curator of glass boxes Arachnosupporter

    Great transaction. Communication was great, and most important of all was the packaging! Using proper insulation and professional packing. MM P. metallica arrived in perfect health ready for breeding season! Would certainly do business again, thanks!
  20. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Yentlequible's new reviews can be found here.