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Wt<I didn't read the language rules>!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Dreadlock Wolf, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Dreadlock Wolf

    Dreadlock Wolf Arachnopeon


    Ok, Great to have a kid interested. But handing your child a T at a death drop height.
    Which then flicks hair in the childs face. Not only is the T proving its freaked out and liable
    to fall. Your own child is at risk.

  2. Verneph

    Verneph Arachnosquire

    So...it is my understanding that G. roseas don't actually flick hairs. I didn't see anything wrong with the video. The girl was actually handling the T. quite appropriately from my point of view. She wasn't squeezing, she was being gentle, she gently tapped it to move it along. All in all a pretty nice display.
  3. Dreadlock Wolf

    Dreadlock Wolf Arachnopeon

    Are we watching the same video?

    Not only are G. roses not arboreal anyway, but to drop from that height is Death.

    The T showed it was nervous once transferred to her hand. Even the Dad got a fright.
    Right then she could have been bitten. T falls, child hurt.

    And then to have a cat on the couch beside a T, again it could have got a fright and bit, or
    could have been eaten.

    But if you talk about some nice sheperding from the child for a few mins. Wonderful. But does
    that cancel out the other dangers.

  4. High_Rolling_T

    High_Rolling_T Arachnosquire

    Where would you of heard they don't flick hairs? They definitely do, in fact from 0:19-0:24 the spider spends 5 seconds kicking hairs. I didn't watch the whole thing, but from the parts I saw, it was very clear that tarantula wanted little to do with being held. It was moving very spastically and quickly to avoid touching any skin. When it was on her shirt it spent the whole time bunched up trying to cover itself as much as possible. As far as the girls handling of the spider, she definitely was appropriate with how she handled it, but it should of been pretty obvious that the T didn't want to be handled in the first place.
  5. Dreadlock Wolf

    Dreadlock Wolf Arachnopeon

  6. Chris_Skeleton

    Chris_Skeleton Arachnoprince

    The girls handling was fine; however, at no point should they have handled it standing up. What can you expect from people who probably did little to no research? And yes, G. rosea flick hairs.
  7. Verneph

    Verneph Arachnosquire

    Ahem, sorry, I was wrong regarding the hairs.
  8. Amoeba

    Amoeba Arachnolord

    I'm convinced my G rosea is a wolf in sheep's clothing, she has never kicked at me and that is including when I had to get her in a cup. If you look the T kicked on the guy's hand so the little girl probably didn't get any. Either way I really don't think G rosea are good candidates for handling and I have no idea where all these caresheets get "docile" from.
  9. sebeed

    sebeed Arachnopeon

    im getting the impression those people dont care/know much about any of thier animals. Being an avid cat lover i felt that having the cat free access to where the girl was holding the tarantula as being wildly irresponsible and dangerous for the tarantula, the little girl, and the kitteh. I'm not sure if there is any evidence or research done on how a tarantula bite would effect a house cat or a dog but it isnt worth the risk.
  10. Shell

    Shell ArachnoVixen AKA Dream Crusher AKA Heartbreaker

    If it was an OW I could certainly understand the concern for the cats safety. Being a G. rosea, the urticating hairs would be more of a concern to me, than a bite. The tarantula would certainly be in more danger from the cat.
  11. skar

    skar Arachnobaron

    pfft - I think it's fine, maybe he didn't do everything like you would, but I don't see the big deal.