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Would you guys be willing to help me out with an english assignment?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Karaswanton, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. Karaswanton

    Karaswanton Arachnopeon

    Hey, I'm doing a research paper for my English class on the exotic pet trade. In the paper I'll be discussing various problems associated with it(ie, dangerous animals, animal welfare, and environmental impacts), discussing current laws, as well as trying to represent the interests of those in the trade. It's a 6-page paper for an English 102. My last English class! Yay!! :D

    As part of the paper I need an interview, and the teacher said it would be OK to do an internet interview. All you have to do is to respond with your answers to the questions. I'm looking for a variety of responses, but not all responses will be used.

    Here they are:
    1)What is your experience with exotic animals? What kinds? How many? How long have you had them? What ones do you consider “dangerous? Are you strictly a private owner, or do you also work/volunteer with them?

    2)Why exotic pets? Why not just settle for a cat or dog and trips to the zoo? (Iwant to see why other people like them. )

    3)What do you do in order to decrease risk when interacting with your pets? Do you think that increased education for people considering exotics will help? Do you think that taking classes should be necessary, and would it help? Why or why not?

    4)Do you let visitors or emergency help personnel know you have exotic or dangerous pets? What would be your plan of action if one of your dangerous pets got loose? What would you do if it attacked someone?

    5)Do you think there should be increased restrictions on what kinds of animals can be pets and/or who should be able to own them? Why or why not?

    6)Do you think further regulation of the exotic pet trade would be effective? Why or why not?

    7)Do you feel sufficiently informed about laws regarding exotic and/or dangerous pets, and did you have any sort of difficulty getting access to this information? If so, what kinds?

    That's it. thanks in advance! :)
  2. 1. I keep Exotics strictly for interests sake. I have 6 tarantulas, 3 scorps (soon to be more as I am probably getting a fiew T.serrulatus for X-mas :drool: ) And yes T.serrulatus are dangerously venomous :wicked: 1 giant vietnamise centipede (also dangerously venomous), 3 arizona tiger centipedes, 1 black widdow (D.V.) and over 200 of her babies, Multiple different kinds of stick insects (including H.dilitata and E.calcaratta), 1 giant african land snail, 1 pirahna (red bellied), Various other things I cant think of right now. Most of them I have had for over a year now. I also DO NOT PURCHASE WILD COLLECTED INVERTS ONLY CAPTIVE BRED so wild populations are not disrupted.

    2. I do not keep exotics (most all of my exotics are all inverts) just for the sake of being different I keep them because it is a passion!! I am absolutley obsesed with inverts they are just simply fascinating.

    3. To reduce the risk of injury to them or me I usually do not hold them but for my dangerous scorps I just get a pair of nail clippers and snip off the very tip or their stinger (only enough so it is not sharp and no it does not hurt them it is basically the same as trimming your nails). For tarantulas I will only handle them if they are well fed. As for my black widdow and centipedes I simply DO NOT handle them. I think that taking classes would be helpfull to beginers but they should not be manditory. All I know about inverts I have tought myself. But if they actually had classes I would definatly go and check it out.

    4. Yes I do let people that come to my house know that I keep inverts and that some of them are dangerous. If one were to get loose I would Simply quarintene that area and search for it untill found. If somebody were to get bit/stung by any of my inverts it would depend what it was by. If it were a tarantula I would simply find out if they are alergic to bee stings and if they were not I would simply bandage it (exact same for a non dangerous scorpion). If they were to get stung by a dangerous scorp I would make sure they got imediate medical attention. Oh yah and inverts do not attack somebody they defend themselves.

    5. I do not think there should be increased restrictions on exotics. I think that if you have an exotic inverts permit you should be able to keep what you want (and have room for). I do however think that you should not be able to purchase exotic inverts unless you are 18 and know what you are doing you should have your parent or guardian know EXACTLY what you are getting and what kind of dammage it may be able to cause.

    6. I do not think that any further restrictions would be affective. It is very hard to controll what privatre collecters such as my self do and do not own. In fact several of the inverts I own are illegal withought a permit but that doesent mean they are at all hard to get.

    7. I do feel that all info regarding exotics is readilly available as long as you can find the right sources And I do feel suficiantly informed.

    If you have any further Q's send me a private message. In case you were wondering I am 15.
  3. N.W.A.

    N.W.A. Arachnoknight Old Timer

    1. My experience with exotics is limited, but I own some Hottentota sp and soon some pedes. I have three Hottentota sp. Just got them a couple days ago and they are quite beautiful. From what I have heard, they are dangerous and have killed some people although I am not quite sure if this is true (I think it is). I am a private owner and would happily work with exotic inverts.

    2. I hate cats and dogs are too much of a nuisance. Birds make messes and are noisy. Fish are (for me) meant to eat. With these little guys, I could go in the backyard and get some termites and be done with feeding for a while.

    3. I simply don't let people other than me stick their hand in the cage, mainly because half my friends are too ignorant to accept that I happen to like creatures that could kill me. Increased education might help, but I enjoy learning from experience. Taking classes is sometimes necessary, but I don't think it would help because people in general hate school.

    4. First off, yes I would notify people. Secondly, it's defend, not attack, as Scolopendra said. If my scorpions were to attack someone I would seek medical help for them.

    5. No, because it wouldn't be effective at all. I know someone that could probably get me some illegal exotics. Plus, the government, as Scolopendra said, doesn't know what you have.

    6. No, for the same reasons stated above.

    7. I find that with the beautiful Internet, you can find anything you want. Laws, caresheets, it's all there.