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World Spider Catalog, Help!

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by VenomousFangs, Nov 21, 2011.

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    World Spider Catalog, Help!

    Being that this hobby is very addictive and I have a big most wanted list plus the fact that I am still new to the hobby, I have quickly realised that common names should be avoided and that scientific names is the way to go. So I set myself the task of making my most wanted list of only scientific names and so thought that the world spider catalog would be a good place to start familiarizing with the scientific names and to gain a better understanding of things, but this has caused me a problem, how to understand the world spider catalog. Now I know that I ain't the smartest cookie in the jar and I have read the introduction but I just can't make any sense of this, I've sort of picked up on finding the genus then the species but I just can't make out what all the other stuff / scientific lingo means, so if anyone knows how this all works / what it all means (example below) your help would be very highly appreciated.

    Gen. Haplopelma Simon, 1892 [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidergen:00229]
    N.B.: considered a senior synonym of Melopoeus Pocock, 1895 by Raven, 1985a: 116 (but see also Schmidt, 2010b, who considered the type species a member of Ornithoctonus Pocock, 1892 and therefore considered Melopoeus the earliest available name for the remaining species).

    Transferred to other genera:
    H. chrysothrix Schmidt & Samm, 2005 -- see Ornithoctonus aureotibialis.
    H. costale Schmidt, 1998 -- see Ornithoctonus.

    In synonymy:
    H. huwenum (Wang, Peng & Xie, 1993) = H. schmidti von Wirth, 1991 (Zhu & Zhang, 2008: 420)

    mf albostriatum (Simon, 1886)....................Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002046]
    Selenocosmia albostriata Simon, 1886a: 161 (Dmf).
    Melopoeus albostriatus Pocock, 1895a: 180.
    Melopoeus albostriatus Simon, 1903a: 945, f. 1089-1091 (m).
    Melopoeus albostriatus Simon, 1904b: 270, pl. 16, f. 1 (mf).
    Melopoeus albostriatus Schmidt, 1986: 73, f. 128-130 (m).
    Melopoeus albostriatus Smith, 1987c: 10, f. 1-15 (m).
    H. a. Smith, 1996: 25, f. 27-36 (m).
    H. a. Peters, 2000b: 15, f. 19-20 (m).

    f doriae (Thorell, 1890) *....................Borneo [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002048]
    Selenocosmia d. Thorell, 1890a: 397 (Df).
    H. d. Simon, 1892a: 151.
    H. d. Simon, 1903a: 946, f. 1092.
    H. d. Schmidt, 1998a: 2, f. 2 (f).
    H. d. Schmidt, 2003l: 250, f. 813-814 (f).
    Ornithoctonus d. Schmidt, 2010b: 30, f. 4.1-4.2 (f; generic placement not supported by cladistic analysis or investigation of type specimen of that genus).

    mf hainanum (Liang et al., 1999)....................China [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:038350]
    Selenocosmia hainana Liang et al., 1999: 300, f. 1-4 (Df).
    Ornithoctonus hainana Zhu, Song & Li, 2001: 1, f. 1-7 (Tf from Selenocosmia, Dm).
    Selenocosmia hainana Chen et al., 2004: 607, f. 5-10 (m).
    H. h. Schmidt, 2003l: 250, f. 815-817 (mf).
    H. h. von Wirth & Striffler, 2005: 17 (Tmf from Ornithoctonus).
    H. h. Zhu & Zhang, 2008: 427, f. 2A-G, 10 (mf).

    mf lividum Smith, 1996....................Myanmar [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002049]
    H. l. Smith, 1996: 22, f. 1-14 (Dmf).
    H. l. Peters, 2000b: 17, f. 28, 30-31 (mf).
    H. l. Schmidt, 2003l: 250, f. 818-819 (mf).

    mf longipes von Wirth & Striffler, 2005....................Thailand, Cambodia [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:039499]
    H. l. von Wirth & Striffler, 2005: 17, f. 19-29 (Dmf).
    H. l. Schmidt, 2006c: 9, f. 2 (f).

    mf minax (Thorell, 1897)....................Myanmar, Thailand [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002050]
    Melopoeus m. Thorell, 1897a: 182 (Df).
    Ornithoctonus m. Gravely, 1935b: 211, f. a-c (Dm).
    Melopoeus m. Hancock & Hancock, 1989: 48, f. 43 (f).
    H. m. Smith, 1996: 24, f. 15-26 (m).
    H. m. Peters, 2000b: 18, f. 32C-E (mf).
    H. m. Schmidt, 2003l: 250, f. 820-821 (m).

    f robustum Strand, 1907....................Singapore [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002051]
    H. r. Strand, 1907l: 70 (Df).

    f salangense (Strand, 1907)....................Malaysia [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002052]
    Melopoeus salangensis Strand, 1907l: 67 (Df).

    mf schmidti von Wirth, 1991....................China, Vietnam [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002053]
    H. s. von Wirth, 1991b: 7, f. 1-11 (Df).
    H. s. Schmidt, 1993d: 122, f. 386, 393 (f).
    Selenocosmia huwena Wang, Peng & Xie, 1993: 72, f. 1-4 (Df, not m, per Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 41) [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:002414].
    Selenocosmia huwena Yin & Bao, 1995b: 131, f. 1-9 (Dm).
    Selenocosmia huwena Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 40, f. 17N-P (mf).
    Selenocosmia huwena Peters, 1999: 7, f. 1, 4 (f).
    H. s. Peters, 1999: 11, f. 2-3 (f).
    H. s. Peters, 2000b: 19, f. 35 (f).
    Selenocosmia huwena Zhang, 2000: 22, f. 1.1-7 (mf).
    Ornithoctonus huwena Zhu & Song, 2000a: 54. f. 1-16 (Tmf from Selenocosmia).
    Ornithoctonus huwena Peters, 2000b: 59, f. 157-159 (mf).
    Ornithoctonus huwena Chen et al., 2003: 70, f. 8 (m).
    H. s. Schmidt, 2003l: 250, f. 822-825 (mf).
    H. huwenum von Wirth & Striffler, 2005: 17 (Tmf from Ornithoctonus).
    H. s. Zhu & Zhang, 2008: 429, f. 3A-K, 13-14 (f, Sm).
    H. s. Schmidt, 2010a: 23, f. 3.1-4 (f).

    mf vonwirthi Schmidt, 2005....................Southeast Asia [urn:lsid:amnh.org:spidersp:039500]
    H. v. Schmidt, 2005a: 5, f. 1-3 (f, nomen nudum, no type depository; probably misidentified H. minax per von Wirth & Striffler, 2005).
    H. v. Schmidt, 2005g: 24, f. 1-3 (Df).
    H. v. Peters, 2005b: 72, f. 235-241 (f, f. m).
    H. volkervonwirthi Schmidt, 2006a: 7, f. 1-3 (Dm, superfluous replacement name).
    H. volkervonwirthi Schmidt, 2006c: 9, f. 1 (f).
  2. High_Rolling_T

    High_Rolling_T Arachnosquire

    I'm surprised I could find the thread I was looking for so fast by searching(being serious not sarcastic, its just a random little post in a thread you wouldn't expect to look for information about the WSC notation).... check out >>>This Post<<< by Zoltan. It helps a good bit! Also, read down some of the other posts 'cause that post leads to further discussion. This was the post that really helped me understand most of what was going on with the WSC.