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Who molted today?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Chris_Skeleton, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnoangel Active Member

    Found a bunch doing feeding/maintenance this morning. Also lost one to a molt and another for unknown reason.
    A. avicularia sling, A. ezendami sling #2, C. perezmilesi sub adult male, G. rosea sling #5, M. balfouri sling #3, P. tigrinawesseli sling, T. sp "Costa Rica II" juvenile, T. sp "Black" sling #1 [losses] A. geniculata sling and D. diamantinensis sling :(
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  2. Daesu

    Daesu Arachnopeon

    L. Klugi, hope i can sex the molt.
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  3. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    0.1 Brachypelma klaasi

    1.0 Pterinochilus lapalala

    2x Poecilotheria rufilata
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  4. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking

    Just discovered my female O schioedtei molted within the last couple days.. really came as a suprise as her last molt wasnt too long ago.

    Didnt gain much growth, but her peg leg appears fully formed amd normal again, and her carapace is that stunning jadeish green now. Very pretty jet black with those fine, firey red setae!

    Now roughly 4.75" maybe. Pix coming soon
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  5. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoking Active Member

    #3 L violaceopes. Just hit that beautiful purple stage. Not that I'll get to admire it often...
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  6. Venomgland

    Venomgland Arachnosquire Active Member

    Ephebopus murinus! Can't wait for this beauty to get some size! A little bigger then a quarter now.
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  7. boina

    boina Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    Nhandu Number 5 (carapoensis) - finally.
    Ybyrapora diversipes #2. I'll never get my Ybyrapora juveniles sexed - the molt is always inaccessible in their webs until they destroy it :(
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  8. spotropaicsav

    spotropaicsav Arachnobaron Active Member

    Perhaps her body forfeited the growth and sped up times between moltsin favor of restoring the limb
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  9. JoshDM020

    JoshDM020 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Brachypelma boehmei molted from 1/4 inch to ever so slightly larger! First time this ones molted in my care. Cant wait for those colors!

    Attached Files:

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  10. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnobaron Active Member

    I've been slacking on the posts, B. boehmei sling moulted today.

    Within the last week:

    B. vagans sling
    A. musculosa (now a confirmed female)
    P. subfusca LL (now 2.25")
  11. grayzone

    grayzone Arachnoking

    I definitely agree on the forfeiting growth part, but typically a spider has a longer timespan between molts if its doing regeneration in my experience. The girl DID have her leg partially restored already so it could be plausible though. She just molted maybe in mid/late july so its definitely a nice suprise!
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  12. Misty Day

    Misty Day Arachnobaron

    Lasiodora parahybana #2 "Viserion" molted. Around an inch.

    Nhandu coloratovillosus #2 molted, the smallest of my 3, was hoping it was a girl, but its a boy. So I have 2 boys, if the last one is also a boy I'm gonna :banghead::banghead::banghead:. It's in premolt though so should find out soon, knowing my bad luck it'll be a male too.

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  13. Charlottesweb17

    Charlottesweb17 Arachnopeon

    IMG_1620.JPG IMG_1619.JPG

    Freshly molted GBB from today. My 4th molt t in 3 weeks.
    Presenting Rainbow 2.0
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  14. carterxwr

    carterxwr Arachnopeon

    P. Ornata juvie decided to molt the other night but hasn't come out until now, and only to nicely throw the old molt out of the hide for me!
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  15. zxneon

    zxneon Arachnopeon

    LP peanut size sling overnight . now streching her /his legs
  16. My Pamphobeteus platyomma & my Nhandu coloratovillosus molted yesterday
  17. Venomgland

    Venomgland Arachnosquire Active Member

    Psalmopoeus irminia! Getting bigger! Can't wait until I can sex this T. I will get another if it turns out to be a male.
  18. boina

    boina Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    Grammostola acteon female #1. Molt was 5", spider is just slightly bigger. They look a lot like G. iheringi, but are obviously a lot smaller.
  19. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    I wondered where she went. i havent really seen her since she moulted last. Saw her outside of her burrow tonight wearing a new dress. She has stretched roughly 1.5" too. Getting big. Ahhhh she is stunning ! :)

    IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8399.JPG
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  20. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnobaron Active Member

    P. cambridgei - Confirmed male.