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Who molted today?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Chris_Skeleton, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Paiige

    Paiige Arachnobaron

    Nhandu tripepii molted last night! Finally...:shifty::smug:
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  2. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoprince Active Member

    My T.Blondi is purposefully not moulting to urine me off. I'm sure she is.
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  3. Jerry

    Jerry Arachnobaron

    IMG_20170319_095337310.jpg it has begun just watched him flip been a while since the last molt super excited to see how big he gets G pulchrips
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  4. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    H. guttata x1
    H. cafreriana x2
    P. murinus RCF x1
    P. murinus UMV x1
    C. darlingi x1
    H. laticeps
    GBB x2

    stirmi has had a black behind for ages. I wish it would just moult :sour:
  5. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnoangel Active Member

    Sub adult P. scrofa sometime today.
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  6. MetalMan2004

    MetalMan2004 Arachnoknight Active Member

    My c versicolor molted today! Miss Cleo is of course shrouded by her funnel web but there are definitely 16 legs in there. I think its time for a rehouse!

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  7. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoking Active Member

    my sub adult A aurantiaca and my 5.5" P rufilata. nice surprise for the both of them. :)
  8. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    H. gigas sling molted and I confirmed my T. gigas as female.
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  9. KezyGLA

    KezyGLA Arachnoking Active Member

    Phormictopus cautus
    Gbb x1
    Harpactira baviana x1
    Pamphobeteus ultramarinus x1
  10. Goodlukwitthat

    Goodlukwitthat Arachnoknight

    A couple days ago my one of my LPs molted and I checked in my T room to find that my Pumpkin patch large molted AGAIN! I was hoping to be female since at 2" DLS there are no hooks present....but the molt didn't leave me seeing a flap :meh: I shall wait for ANOTHER molt in hopes of finding out.
  11. GingerC

    GingerC Arachnosquire Active Member

    My mantis is showing every sign that she all of a sudden has an extra exoskeleton, and I'm 100% certain that she'll molt within hours.
  12. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    T. cupreus molted and my A. ezendami molted into a mature male. Crap.
  13. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnoangel Active Member

    0.1.0 Theraphosinae sp. "Pacific Nicaragua" :)
  14. The Grym Reaper

    The Grym Reaper Arachnobaron Active Member

    P. pulcher sling moulted yesterday.
  15. z32upgrader

    z32upgrader Arachnoknight

    Poecilotheria fasciata juvie.
  16. boina

    boina Arachnobaron Arachnosupporter

    The third of my 5 N. carapoensis molted yesterday and I finally have a confirmed female :D. First two were both males.

    I wish molting season would finally get going... nearly all of my adults and subadults are in premolt :meh:
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  17. EulersK

    EulersK Arachnoengineer Arachnosupporter

    Got a few molts last week that revealed some sexes

    B. vagans (0.1)
    L. difficilus (1.0)
    P. sazimai (0.1)
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  18. sdsnybny

    sdsnybny Arachnoangel Active Member

    Congrats on the P. sazimai female :)
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  19. Rittdk01

    Rittdk01 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Big pink toe. 20170323_161944.jpg
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  20. basin79

    basin79 Arachnoprince Active Member

    My T.Blondi sling has at last shed.
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