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who keeps centipede poll

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by chyguy, Nov 10, 2010.

who keeps centipedes

  1. you got them

  2. you dont

  1. chyguy

    chyguy Arachnoknight

    just thought it might be fun to see who has them and what they have ill start
    scolopendra heros x4
    scolopendra heros arizonensis x4
    scolopendra sub.sub. hawaii x1
    scolopendra heros xbreed x6
    scolopendra sub. tigerleg x5
    scolopendra hardwicki x4
    scolopendra heros heros x1
    alright cool thats what i have what do you all have
  2. S subspinipes X 2
    I know not the greatest collection, but they still kinda unnerve me a little!
  3. warry

    warry Arachnosquire Old Timer

    At present:
    X1 scolopendra gigantea
    X2 scolopendra hardwicki
    X1 scolopendra sp (Malaysian jewel)
    Did have alot more a couple of years back! But sold my collection.
  4. Steven

    Steven pede-a-holic Old Timer

    At present, 40 Sc.hardwickei and some others :razz:
  5. Gnat

    Gnat Arachnoknight

    just one Scolopendra subspinipes and one Hemiscolopendra marginata
  6. bluefrogtat2

    bluefrogtat2 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    1 large female tiger leg
    1 large female spinnosima
    and a red and a yellow legged mutilans
    used to have a ton,have since weeded down to a few of my faves
  7. Pennywise

    Pennywise Arachnolord Old Timer

    2 Scolopendra Heros Castaneiceps
    1 S. Polymorpha
    1 S. Subspinipes Dehaani
    1 Peruvian Parotostigmus Rex
  8. Protectyaaaneck

    Protectyaaaneck Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    I've got one so far. I plan on getting a few more though. :)

    1x S. hardwickei
  9. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    S. heros "arizonensis"
    S. heros "castaniceips" (sp?)
    Otostigmus sp. "Hawaii"
    S. sub. "Islander":rolleyes: x2
    S. alternans "Haiti" x2
    S. sub. de haani "Vietnam"
    S. morsitans
    Scolocryptops sexspinosus
    Ethmostigmus trigonopodus
    S. angulata
    S. sub. "Malaysian giant"
    S. polymorpha
  10. ophiophagus

    ophiophagus Arachnosquire

    S.alternans Fl keys red x8
    S.alternans hati x1
    S.sub dehaani yellowleg x1
    S.sub.sub. x3
    S.heroes castaniceps x4
    and coming soon:
    S.sub dehaani tigerleg x4
    S.polymorpha x2
    S.polymorpha blue x1
    S.heroes arizonensis x3
  11. My collection's pretty meager with just 2 S. hardwickei

    Looking for S. heros ssp :p
  12. KyuZo

    KyuZo Arachnoprince Old Timer

    People in the states with the S. hardwickei are:

    x2 Canth
    x6 EMwhite
    x4 Cheyguy
    x1 Protectyaaaneck
    x4 KyuZo
    x2 Mr. awesome
    x3 Quixtar

    my list:
    4 S. hardwickei
    6 S. alternans (haiti)
    2 S. s. de haani (vietnamese)
    3 S. s. de haani (chinese giant)
    2 S. s. de haani (malaysian giant)
    2 S. heros castaneiceps
    3 S. heros heros
    x S. polymorpha
    25 S. s. de haani (tigerlegs)
    2 unidentified Scolopendra specie, check the link below for some pictures by ryan: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=195236

    I'm expecting another S. h. castaneiceps and a couple S. s. subspinipes coming in this Saturday :)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2010
  13. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Alright!, go pede peeps. Well, Sat Rob is gone, been gone for a while so other people took his pedes, they are floating around somewhere if they lived. I hope people plan on breeding those:clap:
  14. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    At present:
    3 Scolopendra hardwickei
    1 Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans
    4 Scolopendra "tiger legs"
  15. Draiman

    Draiman Arachnoking

    Scolopendra alternans (Dominican Republic)
    Scolopendra alternans (Florida Keys)
    Scolopendra hardwickei
    Scolopendra heros "arizonensis"
    Scolopendra multidens
    Scolopendra subspinipes dehaani (China)
    Scolopendra sp. "Chinese Tiger Leg"
    Ethmostigmus rubripes (India)
    Ethmostigmus trigonopodus (Nigeria; banded form)
  16. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Currently only 3 pedes:

    3 Adult Scolopendra hardwickei
  17. Anubis77

    Anubis77 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Wait, what? When did everybody get an S. hardwickei? I missed that boat.

    I have an S. polymorpha. One of the first I ever caught, and it's outlasted every other pede I've kept. 4 year old, 3" beast.
  18. KyuZo

    KyuZo Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I updated the list of people with S. hardwickei and the amount that they have... so check it out.
  19. SAn

    SAn Arachnobaron

    A gigantea.w (possibly the oldest in the hobby) and some other not worth mentioning.
  20. SkyeSpider

    SkyeSpider Spider Queen Old Timer

    I'm surprised this poll has any "no" votes. You'd think the only people who see it are ones that have 'pedes and are viewing this forum.

    I've had dozens and dozens over the years and have grown quite fond of them. Currently, I have only two species:
    1x Scolopendra polymorpha
    30x Trachycormorcephalus sp. (neon blues)- for a research project