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User Whitelightning's Tarantula Pictures

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by Whitelightning777, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter


    Justina angle 2 1-8.jpg L klugi Justina angled 1-8.jpg M balfouri 1-21-18 4.jpg M balfouri Maxine redo 3.jpg 20180121_074924.jpg Versicolor 2molt7.jpg H spinifer thirsty 4.jpg
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  2. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    H pulchripes first day 2.jpg H pulchripes first day 1.jpg Silly me!! I forgot to add the H pulchripes sling, named Hybris. (Greek goddess of insolence BTW)
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  3. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    My P sp machala and my L klugi just molted this week. Hopefully you like the pics. I'm impressed at the growth rate especially for the pamphobeteus.

    L Klugi Justina May molt8.jpg L Klugi Justina May molt7.jpg P machala Persephone molted 6.jpg P machala Persephone molted 3.jpg

    Both are excellent choices.
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  4. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Arachnoknight Active Member

  5. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    I got 2 even better pics today after cleaning the molting mat and removing the old skin etc.

    I also had to remove her ping pong ball because she only played with it 3 it 3 times and it was partially blocking one of the entrances to her hide. She looks to big now to squeeze past it.

    Fortunately the cage will accommodate a larger hide if necessary and I can lower the substrate if necessary to create more vertical room. She's not at that point yet.

    I haven't seen her stretched out but I'm thinking she gained an inch give or take. The pic with the roller was her size at her last most, not this one.

    Note that one for is an inch above the toilet and the other is at the 4 inch Mark which makes her 5 inches.

    L klugi-Justina-ruler-1.jpeg

    Here she is today.

    L klugi Justina 2nd day molt May 2018 2.jpg

    There is even just a hint of blue. She's definitely my showcase spider but my pamphobeteus is also looking good and is providing stiff competition. I can't even guess which will end up being larger when they both mature.
  6. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    This is my new T stirmi, Mini Me, probably male.

    The videos are in the new additions section in that post. I'll attempt to look these there with the new picture protocols being tricky and all that.

    T stirmi mini me chilling 1.jpg T stirmi mini me chilling 2.jpg T stirmi mini me chilling 3.jpg Mini me makes bail 2.jpg
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  7. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Here's the entire enclosure and the T inside. It came out pretty good but required some work to get the humidity and temp to hold. They are both rock solid and Mini Me is still in the same place. I guess he decided that was the zone.

    T stirmi enclosure build 2.jpg T stirmi enclosure build 1.jpg

    Here's some good close ups I got of him by laying my phone on the screen just right and holding a flashlight to the side.

    T stirmi mini me hanging out 3.jpg T stirmi mini me hanging out 2.jpg T stirmi mini me hanging out 1.jpg

    I hope everyone likes these.
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  8. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Here are some more stirmi pics. Mini me had successfully located his hide and burrow.

    T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 2.jpg T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 1.jpg T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 8.jpg T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 7.jpg T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 6.jpg T stirmi Mini me Promised Land 5.jpg

    Hopefully he'll settle down and be ready for feeding in a week or two.
  9. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    More of Mini me.

    T stirmi Mini me day 6 3.jpg T stirmi Mini me day 6 2.jpg T stirmi Mini me day 6 1.jpg

    New B sabulosum slings. One of them was visible.

    B sabulosum sling 4.jpg B sabulosum sling 3.jpg B sabulosum sling 2.jpg B sabulosum sling 1.jpg
  10. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    Here she is, just chilling out. She nicely framed herself up just right on the frog moss for this shot.

    L Klugi Justina posing for album cover.jpg

    She's basically my showcase spider, guaranteed to be out competing with Nyx my cat for attention whether she realizes or or not.
  11. Whitelightning777

    Whitelightning777 Arachno-heretic Arachnosupporter

    I need to update my T stirmi. She since molted and I confirmed her 100% as female.

    Thus, mini me is actually a Mindy. I'll refrain from the typical remark one can make about females and hissy fit

    Enjoy the video!!

    T stirmi Mindy hungry 3.jpg T stirmi Mindy 5th day from molt 4.jpg

    Here are 2 pics of her since her latest molt. Since then, she's turned into a black hole and basically I can feed her unlimited amounts of feeders if I felt like it. Believe it or not, she can eat more then both my L klugi and my Pamphobeteus sp machala do combined!!

    She's also quite a bit more reclusive and loves her hide, but still the feet stick out a lot.