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When are bark scorpions communal

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Tarikm, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Tarikm

    Tarikm Arachnopeon

    I bought 4 bark scorpions one if which turned out to be gravid. Babies came way sooner than expected. They were born sunday but I just found out she was pregnant about 2 weeks ago. I counted 17 but shes in the underground cave. I plan to keep 5-7 but my mom said I have to sell the rest. For the ones I'm keeping, when can I put them in their own tank? When can i put them with the adults? They are Centruroides sculpturatus "gertschi" morph. How much do I sell the others for? Where do I sell them cause I'm not equipped for shipping. Thanks in advance. I attached pic of brood and pic of mom when i got her
    20190806_112016.jpg IMG_58571.jpg
  2. undeaddeaths

    undeaddeaths Arachnosquire Active Member

    You should remove the momma with her brood into another enclosure temporarily so the other scorpions in the tank do not cannibalize them.

    Once the brood have molted on her back they will come off on their own. Then you can separate the babies from her and offer them food in a couple of days.

    I would suggest housing each of the babies individually so you don't risk any cannibalization.
    You want to wait until the babies are a close enough size to the adults to house together, again to not risk cannibalization.
    EDIT: You are going to want to provide vertical pieces of cork/branches for them to molt properly as centruroides like to allow gravity to assist them.

    CB c. gerschi babies can probably go for around $5-$15 at 2i, and for shipping you would need to look into packing techniques and supplies or sell them locally.
    Hope this helps, enjoy you're new babies
  3. Tarikm

    Tarikm Arachnopeon

    Thank you. I did tear the cage apart carfeully and removed the others and just examining my other female appears gravid but not as far along. I will find containers. My sister brought me small deli cups but I will find something somehow. But mom and brood are safe in temp container and once babies leave mom i will move her. If $5-$15 is all I can get then I will do it because again its my mom otherwise I'd keep all. I also decided I'm going to do local only because I'm not ready to deal with learning about shipping right now I have 15 other scorps to tend to and college classes. Also is it better with more moisture. Not moist but more humidity. Moms temp cage is on a heat pad for a human. Thanks again.
  4. undeaddeaths

    undeaddeaths Arachnosquire Active Member

    A light mist won't hurt since she has babies, just try not to hit her directly.
    Once you have the babies separated, spraying or using a syringe and wetting one corner of their enclosures/deli cups is fine.
    With desert scorplings I do it once or twice a week.
    Don't use a heating pad. Using a low wattage ceramic heat emitter or a space heater works well. Just be careful not to cook your scorps
    If using a ceramic heat emitter, its best to plug it into a thermostat controller to regulate the temperatures.
    Depending on what you average room temp is low to mid 80's will work fine and you don't really need additional heat.
    I don't provide any additional heat to my scorps as it gets pretty hot here in AZ.