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Whats the most aggresive T ?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by zac1007, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. zac1007

    zac1007 Arachnopeon

    Whats the most aggresive tarantula ?
  2. JC

    JC Arachnoprince

    P.murinus is defiantly ranked pretty high up there in the defensive tarantula category.
  3. Ariel

    Ariel Arachnoprince

    first off I would suggest you try the search option, I'm sure this has been discussed before. Now, personally my opinion is that a tarantula is "Defensive" no "aggressive" its going to defend its turf not chase you around your room.

    However it really depends on each individual spider, out of my collection one might assume my P. murinus would be my most defensive, but my P. cambridgei is much much worse. (on a normal bases, s/he's settled down since going into premolt).
  4. Pociemon

    Pociemon Arachnoangel Old Timer

    The most aggresive is the one who just bit you:wicked:
  5. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed Arachnosquire

    Out of all the T's I have had my OBT and P Ornata were the worst. Cleaning time was a nightmare with these two. Even my King Baboon was not that bad unless you REALLY provoked her. SHe was semi-handleable. OBT or P Ornata.
  6. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    defensive,not aggressive.;)

    in my collection it would be my OBT,and then my G.rosea,believe it or not.
    and i do have a H lividum.;)
  7. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed Arachnosquire

    I believe you about the G rosea. I have a GORGEOUS mature male. But while he is pretty he doesn't take any crap. Highly defensive and has tagged me a couple of times. Never had one like him.
  8. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    oh well,at least she isnt constantly aggressive.
    she'll calm down after a while and once i brush her out of the enclosure she just wants to take a walk.:D
  9. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed Arachnosquire

    Not legs. I have never seen a G Rosea act like him. But I guess that lends credence top the theory that it really depends on the T. I even had a fairly defensive Chaco at one time. She calmed down after a while though.
  10. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    yeah...my friend was like...:eek: ...when i told him my G rosea he gave me was defensive.LOL.
    it really does depend on the T,theyre not computers after all.:rolleyes:
  11. seanbond

    seanbond Arachnoking

    always a good laugh with this thread.
  12. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed Arachnosquire

    No they aren't. I think part of the problem people have when it comes to dealing with any animal or insect is the general public thinks that evrything uses the same thought process as a person. Most people never take the time to research, study, and look at things from the animals natural point of view. I guess that is ok though. It just means more for us!!{D
  13. Tindalos

    Tindalos Arachnoknight

    dont mean to hijack your thread zac

    How about defensive in say a
    species in general
    like if your going to buy
    T solely based on the level of defensiveness
    What is that T?

    in other words what species has a
    reputation of being defensive
  14. Halfbreed

    Halfbreed Arachnosquire

    OBT!!!!!! They are truly psychotic!
  15. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    My friend's H.mac is so bad that I can safely say that she is considered "Agressive". She will actually pursue and try to bite any moving object that enters her cage. :eek:
  16. xhexdx

    xhexdx ArachnoGod Old Timer

    So, what you're saying is, she's defending her territory.

    Defensive, not offensive.

    If she chases you out of the cage and through the house and across the street, let me know.
  17. Shell

    Shell ArachnoVixen AKA Dream Crusher AKA Heartbreaker

    I just laughed so hard at that the mental image of that, that I woke up my daughter :D
  18. Until I see a T trying to escape for the sole purpose of eating my face off in retribution, there is no such thing as an "aggressive" tarantula. Rarely, if ever, will you encounter unprovoked reactions. Even then, something had to spook them. :p

    Now, if you're wanting to know what the most defensive species is, I highly recommend an S. calceatum.

    Although some species are defensive as a whole, temperament tends to rely more on the individual member of any given species. My P. cambridgei is an obnoxiously recalcitrant individual for being a member of what is supposed to be the calmest species within his genus. There is another individual P. cambridgei I know of that is just as ill-tempered as mine.

    Between my P. cambridgei and my S. cal, none of my others frighten me in the least.
  19. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    Say what you will, but a spider that comes looking for a fight the second you open the door on the cage seems pretty "aggressive" to me. Her wonderfull personality earned my friend a trip to the ER.