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What was the first T you handled?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Anthony Straus, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Anthony Straus

    Anthony Straus Arachnobaron

    Hey all,

    Just read a thread about Placeboani2 handling their T for the first time and the rush of excitement that was felt, and was wondering what was the first T everyone out in arachnoboardland handled?

    The first for me was an OBT, and it was 100% unintentional. Let me tell you a felt an emotional rush as well...but it wasn't excitement...it was panic haha. I was unpacking a 2" OBT which i had just recieved in the mail. I popped open the cap and within a millisecond the T had bolted from the lid down my arm down my chest and down my leg onto my foot. It paused for about a second than bolted back up my leg before coming to rest on my thigh. At this time the phone started ringing, it was my GF with urgent news...I didnt answer. Instead I sat still contemplating my options, luckily a deli-cup was nearby and I was able to corral the little bugger into the cup than into it's enclosure. God I love old worlds!
  2. Roland Slinger

    Roland Slinger Arachnosquire

    Oh wow OBT for first time that's scary!

    I haven't handled one yet. I've had a G. rosea, A. geniculata and C. cyaneopubescens and still too scared to touch any :8o

    I start getting the shakes as soon as I put my 10" tweezers in their tanks, thinking they'll bite my hand
  3. JC50

    JC50 Arachnobaron

    Mine was a G.rosea my son had as a pet.
  4. Miss Bianca

    Miss Bianca Arachnoprince

    Avicularia avicularia 2 or 3".... bout ten yrs ago... wow... :)
  5. Placeboani2

    Placeboani2 Arachnoknight

    Haha as you read mine was my A.Avic.
    My G.Rosea is far too defencive to let me near him.

    Its a great feeling, Tho quite scared at the same time.

    Has anyone got that twitch in there ear when theyve picked one up? Like out of being nervous or whatever.
    I got that it was wierdd.
  6. My VEEEEERY first T, a mature male avic avic when I was 10 I think, was the first I handled. We either killed him or he got too old. It's quite possible it was both. The first T I handled without fear was my 6" G. rosea who I still have and adore.
  7. reverendsterlin

    reverendsterlin Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Aphonopelma MM wandering in seach of a female.
  8. A. hentzi or A. anaz but i cant remember enough to be sure it was in 1967 or so lol
  9. Austen

    Austen Arachnopeon

    Mine was a A. versicolor sling. Unintentionally though. You try and get them to go down into there new home but they just want to go up and up and up.

    First grown T would be A. chalcodes.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2009
  10. MorganD

    MorganD Arachnosquire

    A. Avic for me, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical, but it was good. She just kept going over my hands then back into the enclosure. :}
  11. Grammostola pulchripes, though it's not mine.
  12. killy

    killy Arachnoknight

    Mine was a big beautiful adult male Chaco that was on display at a bug fair. He was so mellow and non-chalant about sitting on my big human hand, I might just as well have been observing an oven-mitt. That experience is what made me decide to get into this hobby.

    And as for what might be the LAST time I handle a T ... (A tad off the subject, but ...) I had a scare with my versi Speedy yesterday - I coaxed him out of his cube onto my arm, and he took off down my elbow headed for who knows where, and when I tried to re-direct him he took a flying leap into a nearby cardboard box full of file folders. I wondered if I'd ever see him again .... Luckily, after gingerly de-constructing the box and its contents, I found Speedy and got him back to where he belongs - happy ending, but proving once again that like so many things in Nature, Speedy is perhaps best admired from a distance :8o
  13. My B. smithi Fluffy was my first one to hold. My dad got the privilege of holding my psycho G. rosea, my first T, when it bolted up a pencil and got out like 13 yrs. ago. That's the only T he's ever held.
  14. about 20 yrs ago I had a B. smithi, Anthrax, that I held all the time. Small piece of advice, if you hold a flicker, wear a shirt.
  15. I doubt the G. rosea would bite you, but as I'm sure you know, you need to be extremely comfortable and confident before you do...
  16. A rose hair, my first T. I've been catching and playing with bugs my whole life though, so it was mega cool, but I didn't get a rush. I bet I will get a rush the if I ever decide to hold one of my OW :D
  17. dantediss

    dantediss Arachnoknight

    First was an o.b.t around 4 inch male, not defensive just skittish, Then i moved up to a rosie haha... since then my fave to handle is my p. miranda, just respect the t and youll be ok
  18. XEightLegsX

    XEightLegsX Arachnosquire

    Doris our rosehair , She was jays first and also mine. But we hold like 60% of what we keep now...and we love them all. <3 Even Cheeto our O.B.T heres some pics


    We love our babies!

  19. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    the first of my own i handled was a B smithii sling.
    no real rush.
    he was tiny...
    ive handled wild phlogiellus inermis before many times.
  20. PrimalTaunt

    PrimalTaunt Arachnobaron

    I honestly have no idea what the first one that I handled was. All I remember is that I was in pre-school, somebody brought in a bunch of exotic animals which included a tarantula, asked if anybody wanted to hold it, and my hand shot up.