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what to feed the food

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by seanlr27, May 10, 2012.

  1. seanlr27

    seanlr27 Arachnopeon

    i have a chilean rose and am interested in knowing your opinions on gut loading their prey? i buy locusts and keep them in a cricketkeeper and feed them fresh greens daily but i generally feed them anything i pick up whether it be lettuce rocket or kale(i get whatever is cheap) it just intrigues me as to what everyone else does and if anyone can tell me whats best for gut loading so my t (and trapdoor when it eats) get the most nutrition from them
  2. Porp

    Porp Arachnosquire

    I feed dubias ground cat food with fish flakes, cichlids sticks, whole oats and non sweetened cereal. They also get veggies like yellow squash, oranges, collared greens, turnip greens, apples, and carrots.
  3. koldaar

    koldaar Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I use baby cereal in one dish and water in another. Works well for me.
  4. matt82

    matt82 Arachnoknight

    Mainly fish flakes, shredded carrot, and porridge oats here.
  5. Brian89

    Brian89 Arachnopeon

    I feed them chopped up carrot and potato. But I always feels it's inadequate - not sure why. Interested to see what other people post!

    On a side note, I once fed crickets so much carrot that their abdomens were clearly orange! They were not fed to any T's ...
  6. hamhock 74

    hamhock 74 Arachnobaron

    Leftover veggie and fruit scraps here.
  7. Curious jay

    Curious jay Arachnodemon

    I don't think there would be any issue feeding them to a T, carrots if enough are eaten will change the pigment of human skin too (there's a guy a while back who's main diet was carrots lol he now looks orange in complection)

    Edit: forgot answer the question.... I feed mine carrot as it works well for a source of moisture too with the odd dog biscuit thrown in or weetabix.
  8. Louis Winthorpe III

    Louis Winthorpe III Arachnopeon

    I used to breed blatta leteralis and fed them dog food that I put in the food processor, and then grapes, raw collards, oranges, squash. It seemed to work well, but then again I was feeding the roaches to a bearded dragon.
  9. A good staple diet for feeders, whatever they are, is crucial.

    Dry cat or dogfood for base protein and oatmeal for carbs. This alone is sufficiant to build a large and healthy colony of feeders. To make it complete, just add scraps from your household, like apple, corn, carrot and other juice veggies and fruits.

    Another staple which are quite popular and has shown good results is industrial chickenfood. You know the one they feed all the broilers.
  10. poisoned

    poisoned Arachnodemon

    Is there any special reason for non sweetened cereals?

    Otherwise I think diversity is a key to success, keep your diet diverse and give them some leftovers :)
  11. I feed my crickets and dubia cat food, dog food, chicken feed, sometimes some fish flakes all ground up in my food processor. I also offer a variety of veggies and fruits. Whatever I happen to have at home is what I use. I have an organic vegetable garden at home so a lot of stuff comes from there.
  12. kwacky

    kwacky Arachnosquire

    I feed mine a mix of veg and salad. Basically anything I've got left over. Once in a while I'll throw in some oats.

    I don't load them. I really can't see the point. What next, multi vits for Ts?