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What scares/kills centipedes?

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by KristoferA, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    First of all, I'm not trying to upset or offend anyone. I know this board is really for people who keep these things as pets, but I figured enthusiast are probably the best authority on this...

    We have started getting a bunch of these in and around the house:


    ...and I am just looking for a way to get rid of them.

    I have small kids (youngest one just a year) so it is not good to have these things crawling around in the living room. At the same time I don't want to overuse pesticides.

    Is there something that targets centipedes specifically - maybe something they don't like the smell of and will stay clear of (e.g. in the way that garlic and lime deter some species of ants)? Or if not, what (short of large amounts of termite powder) kills them?
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  2. David Burns

    David Burns Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Find yourself a local hobbyist and they will dissappear fast.
  3. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    I wish it was that easy. :) Unfortunately the supply is far greater than the demand down here (Thailand).

    The one shown in the picture in my first message lived under the fridge, and in flowerpots etc outside there are _lots_ of them.
  4. David Burns

    David Burns Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Try to find a way to reduce the locations, in the house and yard, where they hide and the prey items they feed from.
  5. i'm not sure that pesticides would solve your problem either.

    my mother lived in costa rica for a few years and, while she didn't have any giant centipedes, she had to deal with tarantulas, scorpions, venomous snakes, poisonous frogs, vampire bats etc.
    her solution was to dispatch them with her trusty high power vacuum cleaner:D anytime she found something she was unable to hand move outside she just sucked it up! afterward she could just dump the canister or bag outside.

    good luck with those things, whatever you decide to do:eek:
  6. Draiman

    Draiman Arachnoking

    Can you catch them and send them to me?
  7. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    Sure. The one from yesterday is no longer alive (preserved in 70% EtOH) but I'll be happy to send you the next few. :) (assuming the mailman and/or customs don't mind...) Btw, are there any restrictions on sending these things in the mail?
  8. LeilaNami

    LeilaNami Arachnoking Old Timer

    Only an act of God can kill centipedes
  9. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    Ok, so if they are difficult to kill, what do they dislike? Any smells/odors/plants? Snakes, ants etc can be scared away with the right plants and herbs, so if centipedes have a sense of smell (?) is there anything that sends them off in the opposite direction? (or over to the neighbors?)

    I really just want to keep them out of the house. I don't mind them outside where they do a great job at keeping roaches and other nasties at bay...

    Alternatively I was thinking about setting traps (e.g. glue traps for rats baited with something that is yummy for centipedes). What should I bait them with? Meat?
  10. Galapoheros

    Galapoheros ArachnoGod Old Timer

    They really don't like tarantulas! I'd put a bunch of those all over the house:rolleyes:
  11. moose35

    moose35 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    you have to yell really loud and stomp your feet and they will disappear like magic.;)

    no. seriously. i have no clue how to get rid of them. wish i could come catch a few from your house.

  12. dehaani

    dehaani Arachnoknight

    That's the only thing that sounds plausible. I'd suggest meat for the bait, something a bit smelly (fresh blood, entrails) should interest them; they "smell" with their antennae. I've never offered mine anyting other than fresh food so I don't know how they'll react to a trap that's been sitting a day or two.

    I've seen my centipedes take an interest in the scent of rodents, raw meat and fresh milk. I've never tried to repell them before. I might try at some point but I honestly doubt they'd be put off by anything.

    Obviously I have no idea what the surrounding land is like but just in case you haven't considered, any garden area would be an attractive habitat. Perhaps getting a tiled or polished stone patio around the house could reduce their occurance inside your home. If you see them wandering, they are most likely looking for somewhere dark and damp to hide.

    When I lived in Malaysia for three months, there were plenty of centipedes and other wildlife in the garden as we were right next to a large forrest area. My hosts rarely had a problem with centipedes and I think that was due to their tiled patio and with surrounding tiled walls. They had monkeys climbing in windows and snakes trying to squeeze through the doors but never centipedes.

    It's so disappointing that we can't help you more. I can see why they'd cause a problem for you. I've never tried to repell my centipedes but in my experience, I doubt you could drive them away. Prevention by means of reducing their habitat is probably the best course of action.
  13. me too. i never see centipedes in the wild.

    by the way, i think most arthropods are repelled by this plant: Pandanus amaryllifolius. i'm not 100% sure if centipedes are affected though. it works for roaches.
  14. Greg Pelka

    Greg Pelka Arachnobaron Old Timer

    You can try with ivermectine - it's a drug, which is used in veterynary medicine to kill parasites. Is should killl all intervertebrates.

    You should dilute ivermectine in water - 0,5-1ml ivermectine for 1L of water, and splash it on the floor. It's very save drug for people, but better will be to go for a walk with kids after sprayed.

    Ps: Beautiful specimen, if you'll find some more, plesae send me :p
  15. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    First off, I want to say I LOVE centipedes.

    But I don't think God makes people bring their boots own upon the little critters
  16. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    Thanks for all the replies.

    I'm going to try pandanus, glue traps, and ivermectine to see which works best. Just earlier today a small centipede (2" long) made its' way up my leg and bit me in my thigh while I was BBQing burgers.

    I caught it and took a pic - is this a juvenile scolopendra subspinipes?

  17. peterbourbon

    peterbourbon Arachnolord


    it looks like my small Scolopendra subspinipes dehaani "orange/yellow leg" pedeling from Thailand.

  18. KristoferA

    KristoferA Arachnopeon

    Yup, I am in Thailand - right in the middle of Bangkok.

    I am wondering: is this little one of the same species as the bigger one in my first post?
  19. Draiman

    Draiman Arachnoking

    I think the black ones are Sc. subspinipes "Tiger Leg".
  20. Choobaine

    Choobaine Arachnobaron

    Scolopendra subspinipes dehaani "orange leg" pedeling...