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What is the best prey?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by bjbrokaw, Aug 27, 2008.

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    What do you think would be the best prey for tarantula feeding? I know crickets are always easy but what else? Also what would I be able to breed at home other than crickets? I don't like crickets because of their smell and they are too loud.
  2. Roaches by far. B dubia are great feeding roaches because they cant fly and they cant cimb most things(so iv been told). THey dont smell much or make any noises. Roaches are considered the beast feeders imo because of the nutrion factors
  3. If i setup a roach colony would small roaches work for feeding spiderlings? Read a few topics on roach colonies here and it didn't mention that.
  4. Best prey?

    Small whiny children.

    After that...I'd say a Dubia roach colony.
  5. A varied diet of grasshoppers, crickets and roaches is the best thing to feed your spider. When keeping the bigger species, a small mouse or lizard could be a supplement to the varied diet.

    As mentioned a colony of B dubia or G portentosa are quite easy to mangage.

    Regards Mikael
  6. YeloNeck

    YeloNeck Arachnosquire

    4 months ago i bought something about 100 Nauphoeta cinerea. Now i have hmmm... maybe 350 ? 150 Imago, and rest of them are babies. Great for feeding scorpions and spiders. They climb, but they can't go through vaseline. Flying ? Definitely No !
  7. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    In my experience the best are crickets, roaches (your choice), meal worms, and mega worms.
  8. wsimms

    wsimms Arachnodaddy Old Timer

    Dubias have replaced crickets completely at my house. You can feed small nymphs to your small T's.
  9. Sooner

    Sooner Arachnoknight

    I like to think that dubias are to us as mom's homemade dinners. Good, hearty, and nutritious.

    Crickets are burgers to T's. Easy to digest, feisty, and nutritious enough.

    Superworms are your turkey legs for T's. There's a lot of bones but it's tasty and fatty.
  10. clam1991

    clam1991 Arachnoangel

    my lil ones love baby roaches

    just match the size of a roach with the t
    and they'll eat like hobos:wicked:
  11. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Yes I use dubia nymphs for my slings. With dubia you get very small to pretty large, and they reproduce fairly quickly. I keep saying I need to cull my colony but haven't got around to it yet.
  12. I use dubias and they work great for me. I started with about 50, now I have at least 500. It takes a little while to get the colony started, but once your first-born generation matures and starts breeding, there's no stopping them.

    Dubias have pretty good defense behaviors, they burrow and play dead, making it hard for predators to find them. I get around this by crushing their heads, then they just flop around.
  13. Yeah, I was going to say any *amn kid that gets on my lawn. lol.

    --the nature boy
  14. mwh9

    mwh9 Arachnoknight

    Your going to need a lot of Isopods after that. {D
  15. dragon_95

    dragon_95 Arachnosquire

    b dubia is pretty good
  16. Scott C.

    Scott C. Arachnofloater Arachnosupporter

    That'd be my answer.
  17. If youre on a really tight budget you can always cut off a few toes.:wicked: :wicked: :wicked: :wicked: :wicked: :wicked: :wicked:
  18. ShellsandScales

    ShellsandScales Arachnobaron

    Really its not the species of prey but what that prey items eats and how its taken care of. That being said roaches are definitely easiest, well roaches and mealworms(too fatty to be a staple). I feed my roaches High quality dog and cat food (nutro or similar none of that purina crap) assorted mazuri(zoo formula) pelleted foods and fresh fruit and veggie trimmings from the kitchen.
  19. Well I started a cricket colony today because my grandma doesn't want any type of roach in the house lol. Plan to setup for meal works too in about a month. I'm feeding the crickets with high quality dog and cat food, fresh carrots, fish flakes, and some graham crackers so we will see how it turns out. Bought 50 adult crickets and about 40 small and threw them in a 5 gallon bucket with some damp paper towels, the food, and some crinkled up carboard. Setup a dish full of super soil with a little coco fiber mixed in for the eggs.
  20. Kamikaze

    Kamikaze Arachnobaron

    I like watching them eat B latteralis rather than crickets.
    Its just a personal preference, but I do give a varied diet. Crickets, lobster roaches, mealworms and latteralis :)