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Question What does the ranking system do

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting / Suggestions' started by Rhysandfish, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Rhysandfish

    Rhysandfish Arachnoknight

    I keep seeing all these cool ranks (arachnobaron, arachnoangel, ARACHNOGOD) and im wondering what they do. Do they have any perks or benefits or are they just a thingy to show off. Also how can i up my ranking because arachnopeon sounds pretty wimpy compared to the rest.
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  2. Ungoliant

    Ungoliant Malleus Aranearum Staff Member

    Only account type (Standard, Active, Arachnosupporter, and Arachnosupporter Plus) affects what you can do.

    The post ranks are based on your post count and are just for fun. Your post count includes posts made on the more substantive boards (e.g., "Tarantula Questions & Discussions" but not "Tarantula Chat").

    There was a sticky about post ranks, but it seems to have been deleted. :confused:

    Here are the current default post ranks:

    1. Arachnopeon: 0
    2. Arachnosquire: 50
    3. Arachnoknight: 150
    4. Arachnobaron: 300
    5. Arachnolord: 600
    6. Arachnodemon: 666
    7. Arachnoangel: 777
    8. Arachnoprince: 1,000
    9. Arachnoking: 2,000
    10. Arachnoemperor: 3,500?
    11. ArachnoGod: 5,000?
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  3. Rhysandfish

    Rhysandfish Arachnoknight

    Wow I got active user earlier! And it seems im close to arachnosquire! My goal is arachnobaron. (definitely not because the name is cooler that the previous two ;). )
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  4. Mvtt70

    Mvtt70 Arachnobaron Active Member

    I think its basically just a title that updates depending on how many posts you've made, a lot of forums have a system like that in place.
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  5. carterxwr

    carterxwr Arachnopeon

    Thank god I found this thread, been trying to figure this out for a bit. Maybe this should be put in a more obvious place on the site?
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  6. Venom1080

    Venom1080 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    I imagine because It's just a side thing. It's not exactly the main focus of the site.
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