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What do you feed YOUR spider?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by ShellessTime, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. ShellessTime

    ShellessTime Arachnopeon Active Member

    I've seen videos of people feeding their spiders fish, roaches, mealworms, and more! What do you feed yours?
  2. BobGrill

    BobGrill Arachnoprince

    Crickets, mealworms, superworms, and occasionally waxworms/moths.

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  3. mattman

    mattman Arachnosquire

    I feed mine mealworms I bred my self it started as a money saver now I sell them by the hundreds
  4. Mealworms and Turkestan roaches (Blatta lateralis).
  5. scorpio948

    scorpio948 Arachnopeon

    Crickets and dubia roaches

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  6. klawfran3

    klawfran3 Arachnobaron

    Dubia roaches with an occasional mealworm for the slings. I sell excess dubia for money. Helps pay for their upkeep.
  7. Beary Strange

    Beary Strange Arachnodemon

    Primarily dubia roaches with the occasional red runner roach or mealworm. Crickets are a rarity in my house and something I only buy if I don't have enough medium feeders at the time. I breed my own dubia, red runners and mealworms. My dubia and mealworms both cost me nothing. :3 The dubia colony was a freebie (best freebie ever) and the mealworms, now in their third generation, were door freebies from Timberline at last year's NARBC.
  8. shawno821

    shawno821 Arachno Pimp Arachnosupporter

    Dubia roaches and sometimes crickets to mix it up.I too sell excess dubias,there's nothing like buying a new T with money you made off roaches!
  9. Crickets and dubia mainly. Occasionally a super worm. And soon lat roaches once they get going.
  10. you freaking cockroach people... I hope you enjoy your dubias...

    Yah there illegal here in the great white north, not impossible to get but still illegal so i'll go cry over my cricket bin while you guys enjoy the lack of smell,, low cost and higher nutrition:cry: I dice up some mealworms for the little guys every know and then to keep it varied. but yah canada... yay....:cry:
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  11. sezra

    sezra Arachnosquire

    mostly crickets here, my T's refuse to take anything else. I've tried em on roaches and mealworms, but for whatever reason they refuse them. Even my OBT is a coward when it comes to other foods.
  12. kellixo

    kellixo Arachnopeon

    Crickets mainly, they're very fussy

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  13. BobGrill

    BobGrill Arachnoprince

    I've recently tried flightless fruit flies for my two new little Avic slings. So far, the versi likes them and has eaten two today, but the amazonica does not seem too fond of them. (It actually ran away from one :p). Perhaps it's just not hungry though, because I did feed it a piece of a cut up mealworm a couple of days ago, which took pretty much the entire day for it to eat. I have heard that FFF can cause molting issues if fed as a staple though, so if this is indeed true, then it looks like the versi will only be getting them as a treat every once in a while. I suppose I'll just give the majority of them to my sundew plants.
  14. dredrickt

    dredrickt Arachnoknight

    I feed mine a mix of Dubia roaches and crickets. Some don't like roaches, its strange. My L. Parahybana will eat anything, same with my P. Pederseni and P. Metallica. But my P. Regalis and B. Boehmei will let the roaches crawl around until I remove them days later. I'm raising the roaches, and their colony is probably past 200 now (started with 7), so I hope they all end up liking them as adults.
  15. nurunuru

    nurunuru Arachnopeon

    Mainly store-bought crickets. I'll catch a few moths outside during the warmer months and feed them those as well; my A. metallica loves 'em, and it can be quite a battle, depending on the size of the moth. Also a few crickets from the garden during the summer, but then we don't use any pesticides or chemicals.
  16. Depends on their size. Tiny spiderlings just get a cricket back leg. Young, medium-size ones and adults get crickets, mealworms and waxworms and any adults that can hold them down - superworms and hornworms.
  17. miserykills

    miserykills Arachnosquire

    Just crickets for now. The closest pet store to me said they were going to start carrying dubia and hissing cockroaches but they haven't yet…I'm not really interested in hissing cockroaches though. Most reptile stores are too far out of the way for me to drive all the way there just to get a few roaches. I have a question for anyone who feeds them any type of worms. Can all tarantulas eat super worms and mealworms? I want to try them for mine so I don't have to get crickets as much but I don't want to buy a ton of worms and have none of them get eaten.
  18. iamthegame06

    iamthegame06 Arachnosquire

    crickets, dubia roaches, and mealworms..i have my own colony of dubia roaches but it seems like some of my T's prefer crickets though..
  19. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Cut diagonally.
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  20. Misty Day

    Misty Day Arachnobaron

    Crickets, mealworms, and the occasional superworm as I mostly have juvenile tarantulas.

    Just a tip for people with fussy t's which has worked for me, feed them after a molt, when they're pretty hungry and want to regain strength. This is how I got my regalis to take down superworms. :)