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What are the must haves for a T collection?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by swade655, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    started this as a curiosity, I am sure there are other threads on this already.

    I own only 8 t's and tend to be very picky in what I purchase, I have been though several others and just sold them off leaving me with what i consider my must haves

    as of 2 new purchases that havent arrived yet, it will make 10

    here's my list and my opinions of the ones I own

    b.smithi (must have)
    a.versicolor (must have)
    h.Lividium (must have)
    P. Cambridgei (I love this guy, but not sure if i would consider him a must)
    t. blondi (must have)
    p. irminia (must have)
    p. regalis (another one I love but not sure)
    g. rosea (not a must, but if u got t's u probably have one already, plus the kids have to have a pet too)

    when shipment arrives
    p. metallica (paid for today no opinion yet)
    b.emelia (fist one I ever owned no opinion yet)

    I dont want a list of all your t's, just an idea of what u think are the basics of a good collection.

    hoping to expand to about 20 in the near future. thought i would pick your brains!

  2. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    I Guess I Lied A Little
    I Actually Have More Than 8 But They Are Multiples Or Significant Others To The Ones Listed
    11 Total
    Lucky 13 After Shipments
  3. Webs We Weave

    Webs We Weave Arachnopeon

    I'd include a Green Bottle Blue in that mix. They are very nice looking spiders (IMO).
  4. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    one vote for Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

    I have to agree with that suggestion
    lost a gbb sling to a bad molt a year ago, havent replaced yet
  5. Geography Guy

    Geography Guy Arachnobaron

    I would say M. robustum (I love the colour) or a T.blondi (I love big Ts :))

  6. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    yes i love my blondi .. full of piss and vinegar
  7. Bro'

    You already have a collection of must-haves! Anything else is greedy!:wicked: :D
  8. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    guess I am greedy, let me think. ..... :? ..... yep i am greedy
  9. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    ok I guess my first post was too long.

    lets play fill in the blank.....

    Every tarantula collection should have a/an __________ in it.

    this is a test you will be graded...lol

    hint. Tarantula/cage/substrate are all wrong answers.

    I can see I am going to be intolerable today, I apologize in advance:rolleyes:
  10. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    wow that was huge sorry
  11. secular

    secular Arachnosquire

    going with that theme i'd say every collection should have:

    Brachypelma sp.
    Avicularia sp.
    Aphonopelma sp.
    A. geniculata
    C. cyaneopubescens
    G. pulchra

    for starters at least... :)
  12. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    now we are headed the right direction..... thanks secular
  13. PoPpiLLs

    PoPpiLLs Arachnobaron Old Timer

    every collection should have a :

    C. cyaneopubescens
    P. murinus
    N. chromatus
  14. If we are talking basic essential spiders that everyone can afford and usually keep alive, I would say B. smithi (which is funny because I've never had one myself!) and A. versicolor, but you have both of those already. If you want to talk really cool stuff that most people don't have, that are kinda on the pricey side and hard to find, but I think totally rock, I would say M. mesomelas, P. metallica, and C. elegans......but I also have a P. metallica and 3 C. elegans on the way next week, so I may be particularly partial to those right now.
  15. MEXICOYA415

    MEXICOYA415 Arachnobaron

  16. Windchaser

    Windchaser Arachnoking Old Timer

    To be honest I am not sure you can really define a general list. Much of what one person considers a "must have" depends on that person's interest. Some people prefer arboreals, others NW tarantulas, others specific colors (fashion conscience collectors :D ), while other prefer size or OW tarantulas. So in reality one person's must have is another person's definite no.
  17. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    I must say I do agree completely, but it sure is fun to see what people cant live without. and everyone has made some great suggestions regardless of ow, nw, arb, or terr bias. I love 'em all and I am sure others can relate
  18. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer

    Since I assume you are asking for everyones opinions, here would be mine, in no particulr order,

    G. pulchra, for beauty and temperment
    Any avic, for beauty, temperment, and those cute little toes
    A. chalcodes, beauty and temperment
    C. cyaneopubescens, unreal color, stunning beauty, ability to teleport
    G. aureostriata, size, temperment ( and yes, I think they are pretty too)
    A. geniculata, personality, size, looks
    B. smithi, a classic
    B. boehmei, again with the appearance

    Of course, I adore all of my T's and would put them on any must have list just because I have them. I tried to be very objective here and pretend I was starting out with none, and then go for what I would want.
  19. swade655

    swade655 Arachnosquire

    good thinking and great choices!
  20. Thoth

    Thoth Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Mina listed many I would have listed, though in addition I would add (not mentioned by any other),
    E.pachypus or longiceps
    C (or D lost track).cyclosternum
    Pamphobeteus sp. (any one would be great)
    X.immanis or intermedia (pricey though)
    Monocentropus balfouri (current holy grail of ts perhaps. If you can find and afford it go for it.)

    Ultimately its what you like.