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Well Patch Deep Heating

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by tony77tony77, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. tony77tony77

    tony77tony77 Arachnoknight

  2. Smitty78

    Smitty78 Arachnobaron

    I would say no for 2 reasons.

    #1 It only lasts 8 hours.

    #2 You have no idea how much it will, or will not raise the box temps. It may cook your T's, or it may have little effect at all.
  3. tony77tony77

    tony77tony77 Arachnoknight

    thanks!!! I will not use it then. i can't find any heat pack anywhere. anyone have any ideas where?
  4. Smitty78

    Smitty78 Arachnobaron

    LLL Reptile has the cheapest prices Ive seen. You can order online, and wait a few days to get them shipped. There are also quite a few dealers that I know of in your area of Texas that would probably sell you some. I can also recall a few ads in the last week selling them here in the classifieds/for sale.